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World of Tanks 9.15.1 – Reason for Delay

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Yesterday, news that patch 9.15.1 was going to be delayed, today Mikhail Zhivets also know as Storm has explained why:

“It’s a small patch, a version without major changes”

Mikhail, if so, how much more can you test? What is the reason fro the delay?

“Internal technical changes, such as the change of the interface for the new version of Action Script. We want everything to work without problems.”


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  1. Pergunta também quando irão lançar um anti-cheat na WOT, para que todos joguem limpo!
    Pois ja estou cansado de ver postagens e até mesmo na partida, e mesmo denunciando nada é feito sobre os usuários de Autoaimbot/Warpack, etc.
    Att JackeiG (IMBRA)

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