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Update 9.20.1: Personal Missions Reworked

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Personal missions were redesigned in Update 9.20.1. It doesn’t boil down to simply reviewing their conditions, adjusting difficulty or tuning them to changes in the Random Battle mode – Wargaming created an all-new, comfortable interface and revised the mechanics of completing mission sets.

New Interface

Personal Missions (1)

The entry point to Personal missions will be changed, it’s now located in the Garage header where a new PM (working title) tab will emerge between Missions and Achievements.

Personal Missions (2)

The main menu for PM was also reworked. We made it clearer and more comfortable to navigate so nobody would wonder about the required order of mission completion.

Personal Missions (3)

The missions UI is styled on a tactical map and will display the progress of completion more vividly.

New mechanics of mission completion

Commendations were removed. They were replaced by two new entities: Vehicle Components and Orders. These are received for completing the final mission in the set. Components are awarded for fulfilling the primary conditions while orders are awarded for completing with honors the 15th mission in a set.

Components are used to receive a reward vehicle—you get it upon completing all five sets of missions. An order is a whole another deal as it allows to skip the completion of any mission. That’s right—if you’re stuck on a mission, it can be skipped if you were able to complete with honors any last mission in the set and receive a reward for that earlier. Final missions can also be skipped, but a total of whole 4 orders will be required to do so. A bit more complicated but totally worth it. Besides that, you can redo the mission and retrieve the order since they are reusable. Orders can also be stored and transferred to next operations, i.e. upon collecting them over time you would be able to skip even several mission sets, that is, provided you have enough orders.

The progress of Personal mission completion will obviously be tracked upon update release, you will receive orders for any final mission completed with honors, provided you didn’t skip them. The reward for fulfilling the primary conditions of skipped final missions will also be received, e.g. if you completed the StuG IV and T28 HTC operations by skipping the SPG sets, you will receive the reward for fulfilling the primary conditions. And this amounts to two additional female crew members, by the way.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Personal Missions Reworked

  1. Okay I’m slightly confused in the wording of all this.

    For example, lets say I’ve got every mission for LT, MT, HT and TD done with honors for everything apart from the Obj 260. Would that mean I’d get the “Orders” for the 12 ’15th mission’ I’ve done? Or does it only count 15th missions done after the patch comes out, which would mean making the new thing completely useless to most people.

  2. So, I have 19 commendations for 260. Light, Heavy, Medium are done with secondary and TD with primary only. If I get it right, we would get 1 order for every secondary mission we did on every last mission (including Stug, T28 and T-55). They can be stored and transfered, so basically I can unlock my 260 for free? Sounds too nice to believe, and in written it sounds a bit complicated with out seeing it working. :S

  3. “orders are awarded for completing with honors the 15th mission in a set.” You only get the Orders for completing Mission 15.

  4. Aye that’s how I meant. But my question stands still about this line “Orders can also be stored and transferred to next operations”. I have 5+4+4+3 15th missions with honors for the Stug, T28, T-55 and Obj 260. Does this mean I get 16 orders which I can use wherever I need them. I lack 4 or 5 missions from 260’s Arty including the 15th. So theoretically I could use 4 for non 15th missions and 4 for the 15th?

  5. You’d recieve 12 Orders, which would immediately be locked up in “finishing” SPG 15.1, 15.2, and 15.3, for four apiece. and you’d recieve 3 female crew patch day as a result of this. so you could perform SPG 15.1/2/3 and free up your 4/8/12 “Orders” to be used to skip missions in the Obj 260 set. the end result of which will be a TON of obj 260 in the MM patch day because i know three people in my own clan that are stuck on MT 15.4 and have literally every other mission complete, or alternately i have a few clanmates stuck on ht12.3 or 12.4, or Lt 7.4 who will immediately skip it and move on.

  6. I think Harkonenn is misunderstanding you.

    As i’ve read it, yes you could do exactly that. if you finished all five top missions with honors in the STUG set, and 4/5 in the t28-HTC and T55A set, you’d have (5(-0) + 4(-4) + 4(-4) + 3) = 8 Orders to use, while only needing 8 to unlock the top mission for the SPG series since TD with honors grants only one more order. you’d be -1 for 11.4,12.4,13.4 and 14.4, for a total of 4 down, then 4 to finish spg 15.4 and you’re done.

    I think you’re golden and you should get 5 female crew patch day to boot.

    congrats man.

  7. Okay i am very confused as to what would happen to me so if you have idea please help 😛 So i have completed all Stug and T28 missions, all T55a missions except arty, and for the Obj 260 i have completed all missions except arty but i have MT-15 complete without honours ( i still cry about the game where i died with 10 seconds left). So yeah after the changes would i have the Obj 260?

  8. I really dont understand it….
    I got all missions for Stug and T28 with honors, 59 of 75 for T55A with honors and 47 of 75 for 260 with honors. I got the MT 15 and Arty15 for 260 with honors, HT15 without honors and LT15 and TD15 activated, not done yet. Does it mean i will get the 260 without doing anything on patchday? I am totally confused now….

  9. Awesome mate, by the way you are right. I forgot to decrease order count cas of T28 and T55’s missing arty 15 missions, so your calculation is correct 🙂 That’s awesome to hear, I am quite excited. I need a Chinese light crew cas I never went that towards that branch. And the 260 finally, oooh boy. This patch is so great, I can’t wait to see it. MM improvement, Type 59 and T-34-3 buffs, Bonds for medals, a more fair PM system. Jesus, I want it now 😀
    By the way no worries Harkonen, I saw you didn’t understand me for the second time, but I did not want to annoy you anymore with it, because I saw that today was a busy day for you 🙂

  10. You only get order for all the last missions you have done with honors, not the 14 before it. And not those you have only gotten primary on, like HT15. So if you did all 5 last missions for the first two with honors. You should at least get 10 orders for those two alone. And you need 8 to skip LT15 and TD15 on patch day. So that should get you the Obj. You can ofc do them again later. To get 1 order back if you do it with honors. Even if you skipped it.

  11. Ok. Interesting changes that makes it so much easier to get these rewards. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing depending on perspective.

    I have all 15th missions for stuff t28 and t55a with honours. I also have ht15 and td15 with honours for the 260. So I ***ume on patch day I should get 17 orders.

    All I actually cared about however was the ******ed lt7 mission. That’s the only thing blocking me from the OBJ 260.
    Spot and damage 3 arty and kill 1 of them. What a joke.

    Skipping that I should have a 260 next patch…but it feels kinda cheaty to me….not sure how much I like the skipping part when others have had to actually do the missions. Then again some if the missions are totally ******ed and based completely on rng and mm.

  12. Ok. Math here.

    Add up the total of all missions 15 you have done for any tank and in any cl*** WITH honours.

    That’s how many orders you have.

    E.g. if you have all the stug 15 missions with honours. That’s 5 orders. If you also have td15 and ht15 with honours for the t28 that’s 2 more orders. If you have lt15 for the t28 without honours you don’t get an order.

  13. and who have already acquired the obj.260 all missions with honor, what to do with these tokens? According to the news, new personal missions, new tanks, come in December … will these tokens be used there? if not…thx wg, for nothing…The obj.260 so far enough epic tank, now everyone can easily get it, which I think is deferring to those who have been hard-boiled for it.

  14. S this: “Besides that, you can redo the mission and retrieve the order since they are reusable.” means that if I unlock some 15th mission with 4orders and then completed it, I will get 4 orders back?

  15. ok so I have all the missions 15 done for stug htc and t55a and I have ht 15 and spg 15 for 260 . so I have mt td and light to do for object 260 what will I have to do to get my object 260 with the new mission system or I am I done . bc as the missions work now you can skip a whole set and still get the reward tank I skipped lights on the first 3 sets stug htc and t55a and still got those tanks but I went back and finished them later so yea I have all mission 15 for all sets except mt td and light for 260 under the new rules what will I have to do to get a 260????

  16. I agree those who got the obj 260 should be able to use them on the new mission sets . as a way to reward those who have gotten the whole thing done. I still need obj 260 light mt and td will I get an object 260 or will it be the same as it always was and need four out of the five to get the reward tank.

  17. What you mean not sure if a good thing?! Of course it’s a good thing. When was actually the last time you saw 3 arties while playing scout?
    I have one (1) medal for wrecking all arties in > 12k battles and I was driving a medium so this mission will be skipped asap. It’s a stupid mission anyway and I don’t care about who managed to do it. Good for them I guess. But it’s a utterly ridiculous mission.
    The 2 tier higher TDs medium mission was a cakewalk by comparison and I still needed a boatload of luck to do it + 5 higher tier TDs on the enemy team. That’s just full ****** RNG.

  18. It’s simple explanation really. Most truly difficult mission are based solely on luck (RNG, MM, etc.) and you either play 200 battles and get lucky or you play 2k battles and don’t get lucky.
    This will allow the unlucky ones to steam ahead and leave behind stupid missions.

  19. Also, I’d ***ume orders will be usable in later campaigns. Otherwise they’d be more useless than Radio Operators (no I don’t make them commanders by wasting 500 gold on them).

  20. ***uming you’re only missing 15.4 for MT, TD, LT. Even still, you’ll have 2 orders left over to wipe you *** with do as you please.

  21. Well, they are a bit late… I got the obj 260 already after ages of pain and suffering with the MM rng lottery.

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