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Update 9.20.1: Pictures of new HD Tanks

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In Update 9.20.1 there will be fifteen new HD tanks, including a few everyone was waiting: T-34-3 and STB-1.

Bat.Chat. 155 mle. 55

Bat.Chat. 155 mle. 58

Churchill I




Valentine AT

Vickers Medium Mk. I

Vickers Medium Mk. II

Valentine II






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15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Pictures of new HD Tanks

  1. hope they’ll buff the STB-1 just a bit after seeing what they done with AMX30B, just a bit better gun handling & terrain resistances would be nice

  2. Sweet. T-34-3 and STB-1 models are gorgeous as well. Wasn’t there some talk about STB-1 getting hydraulic suspension? If I remember well they said, that if the hydraulic thing would work nicely with the Sweedish, then they might add it to the STB as well. I wonder if this was modelled to be ready for that, or just made like the rest.

  3. yeah I got horn when I saw the STB !!! the soft material for cover is also awesome, I wish they had kept it on Leopard.
    yeap they mentioned they can add the Swedish gimmick for STB also, but dunno if and when they will do, prolly with HD maps ? It would be awesome, I was almost ready to play WT to play there the STB, but I am boring the grind..

  4. Is that a new turret on the Churchill? Is it the starting turret?

    I am really impressed with the HD model of the Churchill and the T-150.

    WG really needed to have the lowest tiers HD modelled first to attract new players. Top tier players are already invested and won’t care if there tier 10 is HD or not.

  5. I highly doubt you will notice much. As open top tanks and SPG’s have the % from vents calculated in their stats. If anything going by past changes. Like the T28 proto when it got a closed turret. Your stats will be a tad lower until you mount it. Then it will be the same.

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