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Update 9.20.1: Other Changes & Matchmaker Improvements – Updated

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Other changes

New rewards, revision of recruitment mechanics of female crew members (now you don’t have to recruit them at once to start next operations), etc.

Update #1 – 15:15 – Please Read

Please note the following information has been changed. I was contacted by Wargaming because due to unforeseen and last minute changes, the Matchmaker changes are not ready for Supertest 9.20.1.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any confirmation from the Developers if it will be back in time for 9.20.1 so these improvements will be scheduled for a future update.

Matchmaker Improvements – Postponed!

In the new update, another parameter has been added to the equation: in addition to assembling the teams by vehicle types, the matchmaker will consider vehicle armouring levels within particular vehicle types.

For example, when assembling the teams, Heavy Tanks (as well as other vehicle types) will be matched depending on their armouring: the Maus will be matched against the Type 5 Heavy, the T57 Heavy against the AMX 50B, and the ?110?4 will play against the ?110?3, etc. Big improvement on the Matchmaker that we all can’t wait to test it.


15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Other Changes & Matchmaker Improvements – Updated

  1. I wonder if it works for every tier or just Tier X. Also what’s the case with Sweedish TD’s for example? On paper their armor is garbage, but in reality those angles make their effective so great that most 105-120mms guns can not overmatch them.
    What about O-I? There isn’t really another T6 heavy which has that lever of armor…

    Sounds weird to me to be honest, but we will see, how it works.

  2. Ok what happend to the tier 8 tanks MM. When playing tier 8 tanks then it is a 99% chance to come into a tier 10 mm. GG WG. I dont like to play tier 8 anymore because of i cant come into top tier. Same goes with plutoning, cant be top tier there just 1% chance…

  3. They will have to make the fcm a medium, cuz there is no tier 8 haevy other than 50 100 that has such garbage armour and 50 100 has an autoloader…

  4. Well the matchmaking still sucks anyway.Play on your own and the matchmaking is exceptable but play in a platoon and you will be seeing two higher for sure.So if you want to grind your tank do it on your own cause platooning sucks big time

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