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Supertest: Škoda T 45 Tier VII Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank

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Today, Supertest gets the first Czechoslovakian heavy tank: Škoda T 45. The Tier VII heavy tank will feature a 88mm gun with 220 alpha damage in single shots. The gun’s damage per shot amounts to 220, with standard AP shells penetrating 185 mm and special HEAT shells penetrating 250 mm of armour.

With a reload time of 9 s, the damage per minute will average 1,466 hit points! The aiming time is 2.9 s, gun accuracy is 0.4, making it a very bellow average vehicle featuring an 88mm. As for survivability, the vehicle boasts decent frontal armour, with up to 160 mm in the turret and up to 110 mm in the hull.

The Škoda T 45 does not seem to be a great start for the new Czechoslovakian heavy tank branch! More details as soon as they are available.

4 thoughts on “Supertest: Škoda T 45 Tier VII Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank

    1. LTs and TDs would’ve both been more sensible options for another Czech tree.

    1. There are actually very few “wargaming fakes”. Most fakes in the game are from external sources, wg just used them.

      Also do we have an actual source for this thing? That’s the only way we can really decide on whether or not it is fake.

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