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Tankmas Revenge 2020: Panzer Claus vs Dr. Udestein

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Are you going to let Dr. Udestein destroy Christmas? Tankmas is a peaceful time filled with festive spirit and a love for powerful machines. But ever since the first little treat was left under the Tankmas tree by Santa Maus, there have been evil spirits at work. They thrive on fierce fighting and like to see a battlefield in shambles. They want to see tanks burn and reward naughty Commanders for their trickery and mischief.

Krampusvagn and the Evil-100 might have failed to disrupt the festivities, but this year, a new threat to Tankmas is lurking in the shadows.

The evil Dr. Udestein is set on destroying the festive Holiday Ops village and wants to take away all the Tankmas cheer. But fear not, there is also a new hero riding through the festive night. Panzer Claus is here to protect Tankmas and blast the monster back to the shadows… or is he?

The Tankmas Revenge event runs from December 14 at 11:00 CET until December 18 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).

Step 1: Pick a Team by Activating A Bonus Code

We are going to support Panzer Claus (join us and get cookies), who would want Christmas destroyed? What about you? Still, if you decide to support the dark side, remember you cannot change sides after a code has been activated!

Step 2: Complete Missions from Chuck to Score Points

Once you have enlisted for either side, the time has come to fight and collect points. However, you might have already worked on the overall progress of your team without even knowing it!

  • This year, the missions to support your team are delivered by our special guest, Chuck Norris.
  • One point is awarded for each Mission From Chuck completed before December 18 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).
  • Any Missions From Chuck already completed before picking a team still count towards your team’s score!

To be eligible for the 3D style reward, a minimum of seven Missions From Chuck need to be completed before the end of the Tankmas Revenge event.

Step 3: Win a Brand New 3D Style

The team with the most points by the end of the event on December 18 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1) determines which 3D style, either “Panzer Claus” or “Vital Spark”, will be given away for free. Remember, you must have finished at least seven Missions from Chuck to receive the 3D style reward.

Can’t Wait? Buy the Styles Right Now!

If you can’t wait, can’t decide or just want them all, you can buy the new 3D Styles straight away in the Premium Shop!

Step 2: Complete Missions from Chuck to Score Points

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