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Supertest: Hotchkiss EBR

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Today yet another French wheeled armoured vehicle arrived at Supertest, this time it’s Tier VII Hotchkiss EBR.

Hotchkiss EBR

The Hotchkiss EBR will be the transition vehicle, introducing players to gameplay singularities of the high-tier vehicles. This vehicle doesn’t have the two driving modes, but it does have the Charge ability and special auto-aim lock feature.


The dynamics and manoeuvrability of the Hotchkiss EBR are graver than other Tier vehicles and the lack of the fast driving mechanism means this vehicle won’t be as good at reaching top speed.

Wargaming will make check how well-balanced its stats are and depending on test results, stats might change. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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  1. I get the point of having them be aggresive spotters, but what will they spot with 310 m viewrange? BTW looking forward to the tier VI stats, with about 260 m viewrange.(It is a guess, dont kill me for it) 😉

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