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Advent Calendar: Day Twelve

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Thirteen sleeps till Santa and the Advent Calendar special offers continue. Today special deal is the German Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer Rheinmetall Skorpion G.


The Premium Shop deal comes with the usual 20% discount for the bundle, with the tank, some Gold and Premium Account and a fully trained crew, but if you are looking to spend some spare Gold, you can buy the tank for 11,200 gold in the in-game store.

Rheinmetall Skorpion G

What’s Hot

  • Awesome alpha damage
  • High top speed and decent acceleration enables you to reposition and flank enemies easily.
  • Fully traversable turret: Convenient, but don’t be tempted to snap shots around corners like a medium tank. The turret does not traverse quickly.
  • High EXP and Credit earning rate thanks to high alpha damage.

What’s Not

  • Improve its camo rating by using a camo net, maxing your crew skills, and equipping chocolate. Enemies can’t hit you if they can’t see you.
  • This vehicle is made for dealing damage, not taking it. Use its mobility to get out of danger quickly and destroy threats with its gun.
  • Avoid being in situations that lead to being ambushed. Your hull travel speed will betray any escape attempts.
Advent Calendar Day 12

Package Contents

  • Rheinmetall Skorpion G
  •  1 x Garage Slot
  •  100% Crew
  • 4,500
  •  30 Days Premium Account Time
  • 5x Victory EXP Bonus (25 times)

*Note: Earn this bonus by ranking within top 10 by EXP in your team! Not applicable for first victories.

Mission – Advent Calendar Day 12

Please remember, you have to manually activate the Advent Calendar every day in-game.


  • Destroy 2 enemy vehicles.


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles
  • Tier IV or higher vehicles.
  • Available once per account.


  • 45,000 Credits

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  1. Selling it a day before people can possibly win it in the holiday boxes?

  2. The point being, if you want to encourage someone to buy something, you shouldn’t try and sell it the day before you have told those same customers, that they can win it the next day for a lot less money.

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