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British Wheeled Mediums: Tech Tree + Vehicle List Leaked!

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Earlier today, the April 2023 Roadmap Preview video appears to have accidentally gone public for a short while (the video has since been made private). Unfortunately, not much was able to be gleaned from the video, but this screenshot was posted to the World of Tanks Subreddit by user u/tuco_salamanca_84:

That’s right — the contents of the upcoming wheeled line of British mediums has been leaked!

From the above image, several details regarding the line have been confirmed. For starters, the branch will feature three historically-notable British armored cars:

Tier 5 – AEC Armored Car

Regarded as one of the most heavily-armored/armed armored cars of WWII (granted, this is by wheeled standards — they were still lightly-armored compared to most tanks).

Image credit: Tanks Encyclopedia

Tier 6 – Staghound Mk. III

Effectively, a T17E1 Staghound with a Crusader turret and 75 mm gun.

Image credit: Nevington War Museum

Tier 8 – Alvis Saladin

Image credit: Friends of the Tank Museum Facebook Page

Additionally, while not very much info has been sourced regarding the tier 7 (FSV Scheme A) or tier 10 (Concept No. 5), the tier 9 GSOR 1006 Sch. 7 has been covered by the excellent Armored Archives YouTube channel, giving us an early peek into what this vehicle should look like:

Tier 9 – GSOR 1006 Scheme 7

One of the proposals from the GSOR 1006 series, featuring a 105 mm gun on a light 6×6 chassis (also wielding 12 ready-to-fire missiles in the back of the turret, albeit these would obviously not be used in-game).

Image credit: Armored Archives YouTube (“GSOR 1006 – Tank Design & Development”)

Furthermore, early versions of the Concept No. 5’s model were shown in the February 2023 Roadmap Highlights video, so we do already have an approximate idea of how that should look:

Tier 10 – Concept No. 5

Additionally, looking at the bottom of the leaked screenshot, we can see that the AEC has a branch arrow pointing upwards at it, likely confirming the earlier notion that the tree will start from the tier 5 Covenanter rather than the tier 4 Cruiser IV. As such, if you wish to get an extra-early headstart on saving up some XP to unlock the AEC Armored Car the moment it comes out, the Covenanter will be your place to start. However, do keep in mind that the branch is not expected to arrive until sometime during the second half of 2023 (remember — at the time of writing, we don’t even have the Japanese tank destroyers on the live servers yet!).

Stay tuned for more info regarding this exciting new line!

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