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No Compensation on LTP Bundle – Update

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Good news, I got an answer from Wargaming in regards to the LTP Bundle issue. First of all, thanks to MrConway for escalating the issue and for coming back to me.

For those not aware, there is currently a 30 Day Premium Account + Bonus LTP Bundle for the normal 30 Day Premium Account price (EU Server), and some players who already owned a LTP, bought this bundle hoping to receive 850 Gold. But instead of getting the gold, all they were receiving was 30 Days Premium Account and a Garage Slot.

I’ve contacted MrConway in regards to this, and after investigating he came back with the following information:

So about the LTP, we forgot to add the disclaimer about no compensation to the article. It was meant as a bonus for players who don’t have the LTP, not as a chance to get some free gold with your premium time.

It is now there, all players that purchased it before we added the disclaimer will receive the 850 Gold as compensation from us. Its only fair, we did not want to mislead anyone, it was just an oversight.

So there we go, if you bought the bundle before 9th August 2017 and you already owned a LTP, you will receive 850 Gold in compensation. For any of you who decide to buy it after, you will only receive a Garage Slot as per the disclaimer.

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  1. Well done. Now if you can get them to refund the gold for the tier 5 premium tanks…They were nerfed because tier 5 can no longer see tier 3 so they can never be top tier in a 3/5/7 match.

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