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Strv 81 Sabaton: Gamescom Special Vehicle

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Wargaming has been laying some clues down, in regards a special collaboration with Swedish band Sabaton. With the first clue being an image with Gamescom date.


It was with no surprise to us, when later on Wargaming announced Sabaton will be playing in their area at Gamescom 2017. Together with that announcement a second image has emerged.


According to WOT-Express, the upcoming Swedish Premium Tier VIII Medium Strv 81 will be available during Gamescom 2017 and will come in two versions: the normal one we already know about and a special Sabaton Edition, just like Object 252U Defender, T26E5 Patriot and many others. There isn’t any pictures about it yet, my guess is that Wargaming is keeping this tank in some secret garage, so they can have some kind of surprise to announce during Gamescom 2017.

I’ve played the Strv 81 on a Press Account during one of Wargaming events, and if you like the British Tier VIII Centurion, you will like the Strv 81 as it’s the same tank with small improvements.


Tier VIII Medium Tank
Hit Points
Gun 8.4 cm kan Strv 81
Shell Type APCR / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 226 / 258 / 42
Shell Avg. Damage 230 / 230 / 280
Reload Time 7.19s
Rate of Fire 8.34
Aiming Time 2.21
Average Damage per Minute 1,918
Accuracy 0.316
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -10 / +18
Hull / Turret Traverse Speed 37.5 / 36.0
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 50 / 20
Terrain Resistance
Hard 0.959
Medium 1.055
Soft 1.822
Hull Armour 76.2 / 50.8 / 38.1
Turret Armour 254 / 88.9 / 88.9
Weigh/Load Limit 50.80t / 53t
Engine Power 900
Specific Power 17.72
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 20.5 %
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 15.4 %
View Range 400m
Signal Range 740m
Crew 4

15,466 thoughts on “Strv 81 Sabaton: Gamescom Special Vehicle

  1. Looks interesting…… Can finally use my ALT2 crew in something else now 🙂

  2. GREAT!!!! A Tier 8 premium that is cut and paste (one of the main reasons why people don’t want an Israeli line, along with the obvious anti-Israel sentiments), to train a tier 4-7 medium tank crew!!!!! (The Strv 74 is actually nice, but not really SH/CW viable).
    Plus the obvious issue of actually making silver with a 20 pounder, since the 20 pounder ammo is much more expensive then say the 88mm from the Jagdtiger 88 or Panther 88. but…

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