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Holiday Ops Rewards: Can you use them with 1.4?

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Holiday Ops 2019 is over and World of Tanks Update 1.4 is on its way. With it, one question I’ve seen everywhere asked many times was: Can I use my unspent rewards after Update 1.4 comes to live server?

Bonuses & Discounts

You can choose a vehicle for the discount until the release of Update 1.4. Any vehicle with a discount will be highlighted in the Tech Tree with a % icon; after the deadline, unassigned discounts will disappear.

The discount can only be used once, when it’s applied the purchase price reverts to normal when selling this vehicle. Discounts also do not stack and only the highest discount applies to this vehicle, if a special discount is as high as the New Year discount, the latter is used.

Female Crew Members & Simon Claws

Each one of the female Crewmembers, Judy Snow, Jane White, Jade Winters, and Jean Chillwin,  was earned by reaching a Festive Atmosphere at level IV, VI, VIII, and X. You could get Simon Claws exclusively through Large Boxes. Once obtained, you can recruit any of them whenever you want, there is no expiration date. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Garage
  • Click on Barracks in the top bar
  • In the left sidebar, click on Recruits
  • Click Recruit on the specific person, choose their nation, vehicle type, vehicle, and role.

Holiday Ops 2019 Rewards

So nothing to worry if you haven’t recruited your new crew members, you have all the time you want to select the perfect vehicle for them.

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops Rewards: Can you use them with 1.4?

  1. So I cannot use the tank discounts on the new French wheeled tanks? That’s just great. Wargaming really never miss out on opportunities to piss people off.

  2. So I finished the tree to Tier X and had the discounts, saw this that they were going to disappear but went to use them and they are gone already – on v.

  3. Its not gone – when you log in there is message in bottom right corner with “claim reward” button. Its just the event that ended so its not in the middle of the screen but … can you call blinking message “hidden”?

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