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World of Tanks 1.4 CT2 Patch Notes

1. New Vehicle Exterior Functionalities

  • Added functionality of moving the Decals across pre-set slots on Premium Tier VIII vehicles.
  • A new style has been added for each nation in the Preset Styles tab.

2. Changes to Maps

  • Fisherman’s Bay is back on the map roster (it has been previously removed from the list for the first stage of the test).

3. Changes to Technical Characteristics

  • France

Panhard EBR 90

  • Changed the top and reverse speed from 70 to 65 km/h (Cruise mode)
  • Changed the top and reverse speed from 90 to 85 km/h (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the engine power of Panhard 12H 6000 mle.63 from 620 to 580 h.p.
  • Changed the engine power of Panhard H-101 from 550 to 500 h.p.

Panhard EBR 105

  • Changed the top and reverse speed from 75 to 70 km/h (Cruise mode)
  • Changed the top speed from 105 to 95 km/h (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the reverse speed from 75 to 70 km/h (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the engine power from 820 to 750 h.p.

 Panhard AML Lynx 6×6

  • Changed the reverse speed from 58 to 40 km/h (Cruise mode)
  • Changed the top speed from 82 to 80 km/h (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the reverse speed from 82 to 60 km/h (Rapid mode)

 AM 39 Gendron-Somua

  • Changed dispersion of the 25 mm SA35 gun for the AM 39 Gendron-Somua turret from 0.43 m to 0.42 m

4. Fixed Issues

  • Improved multiple objects on maps.
  • Fixed some technical issues
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    1. Yeah, sounds like a typical WG idea 😛 Spot stuff when you crash into them at 95 kmph 😀

  1. Lol, they made underwhelming vehicles even worse? Absolute lol.
    Everything to protect dear old Steve in his IS-7

    1. The issue with the top tier wheeled vehicles was that they totally outclassed even the best of lights (like t100) due to their speed, engine power and camo. The view range is slightly worse but that can easily be offset with crewskills and food.

      These changes actually slightly nerf what made them so insane and i think its a good move. (we all know that WG’s balance department isnt that great)

      1. What a bunch of twoddle.

        These wheeled scouts are inferior in pretty much every way to the normal lights. And unless they are in a bush while the non wheeled isn’t they will always be outspotted tier for tier because of terrible view range.

        I mean jeez. Heavy camping bush outspots them it’s so bad.

        Lights in this game as a whole are a worthless class not only because their traits and statistics are trash but also compounded by the fact that pretty much every single map in the game is a 3 lane corridor. The meta and current map pool does not allow tanks with the playstyle of a light to be effective.

        Even if they were better it still wouldn’t be a valid reason to meet them. Since being better than the all round worst set of tanks in the entire game isn’t something to brag about.

  2. The CT is insane with these suicide scouts charging across the map. WG need to very careful that they don’t introduce a whole tech tree more toxic than artillery. There is a very real danger of turning WoT into something like Rocket League! Perhaps postpone a general release and give them out as rentals on the live server. Lets see how they fit into the game properly.

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