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Garbad’s Reviews – Should you buy the ELC EVEN 90?

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Massive thanks to Garbad for another yet review, this time on the ELC EVEN 90. Is it worth the money and your time?


Author: Garbad

With WG releasing the EVEN, a lot of people are wondering if they should buy this little terror. Most people have given it negative reviews, but most reviewers are not very interested in scouting.  I thought it might be useful to help people understand what they are getting into from the perspective of a team first, scout oriented player.

Size isn’t everything, boys!


  • 3 clip autoloader with moderate burst time (2.5s) and alpha (220 x 3)
  • Horrendous bloom and aim time values (2.8)
  • Good penetration (AP 175, APRC 215)
  • Good depression (-9) but awful elevation (+13)
  • Decent accuracy (.36) with slow shell speed (760/950)
A standard bush on phroko, yet notice how I can’t elevate my gun to fire across the map.

 The firepower of the EVEN is very mixed.  On the positive side, 660 burst is decent with good penetration and even somewhat comfortable depression and shell velocity.  On the negative side, its DPM is so poor its nearly impossible to carry and bloom so poor bursting is sketchy.  This combination made me play like a scavenger – capable of finishing wounded targets but unable to directly pub lift by DPM.


  • Excellent camo (.46), among the best in the game
  • Compact size and shape
  • Literally no armour
  • Low HP pool (900)
Look at how close I got to the T-54 WHILE FIRING and he didn’t spot me.  It can be a thing of wonder when it works.

The EVEN is an excellent scout, with .46 camo on the move (perhaps the best in the game).  Often overlooked is its camo while firing – 11.62.  This is better than the feared 416 camo abuser and second only to the no net E-25 (12.3).  Think about that for a second – the EVEN has almost identical camo sniping potential as an E-25… with an autoloader, twice the alpha, better penetration, and a turret.


  • Excellent top speed (70) and turning (~45)
  • Brisk acceleration, but not as quick as some lights
  • Extremely lightweight and small
The EVEN ‘s tiny size allows it to fully hide behind this tiny bump, making it much better for sniping/scouting.

The EVEN speed is about par for what you would expect.  It’s not quite as fast as some but more than adequate in every respect.  Its lightweight also can be a major liability – every little tree will kill your speed, and small bumps can make you jump like a dirtbike because of russian physics.  And God helps you if you get rammed…

OPness & Fun Factor

  • Probably a very weak stat padder/carry hard tank
  • Decent trainer and potentially useful in competitive/stronghold play
  • Likely a very poor credit earner – I predict it averages near bottom in tier DPG
My second game. 50 dmg wonder game, but only 133k with a booster running. 

This astonishing camo sniping ability would make the EVEN horrendously overpowered if it had the DPM to work with.  As it is, you have a tank that has tremendous.


If you like pure scouting, this is a great tank.  If you like E-25/Object 416 camo abusing, this may be your tank (low DPM really, really hurts though).  If you want a noob friendly WN8 padder, keep looking.  Overall, I don’t recommend this to the masses but for those few of you who enjoy this style of play, this is a must buy.


15,466 thoughts on “Garbad’s Reviews – Should you buy the ELC EVEN 90?

  1. It seems this vehicle is a one-trick pony. If you want a pure scout, this is your vehicle. But if you want to make credits, crew-train, carry a game, do tons of damage, etcetera, this is NOT the vehicle for you. I mean, I’d be fine with the dpm if the dispersion values were improved. Because I get that the thing has AMAZING camo, but that doesn’t mean you make most everything else suck about it because OP-ness. Just improve the gun handling, please. By a lot. You can leave your abysmal dpm and average mobility, but AT LEAST allow it to actually hit the targets that it aims for. Too much to ask?

  2. I like playing scouts, the problem is you are reliant on your pubbie teammates and with this tank the firepower is so bad you cant help much if they arent very good…
    But I agree with you, either the 1200 DPM needs to be pretty damn reliable, great gun handling, or it needs a m***ive buff in DPM

  3. I totaly agree with you all soft stats of the gun shold be buffed, aiming time and dispersion (on the move (torret and hull traverse, and stationary) should get a big buff keep the DPM and the Pen as it is but give something else besides the Cammo to EVEN

  4. Whatever people say, the tank is **** anyways and no good review or a handful of good games can change the fact the tanks is amongst one of the worst tanks in the game. Good camo doesn’t pay for everything else that is below terrible.

  5. Since when 175 pen is good? At tier 8 with no preferencial mm?.
    There are no moore than 10 maps when you can be usefull with the role of pure scout…what are you going to do with the rest of the maps?…himmeldorf, kharkov, etc …sometimes 215 pen is not enough to pen the side of an is 3 what about some tier 10?

  6. blows my mind, too … XD

    hoe its EU release is close. got a -20% coupon with its name on it. unfortunately, it’s only valid for 6 more days.

  7. Probably extremely useful in clan battles. In pubs, you’ll probably get run down by a team mate before you can clear the spawn.

  8. T-54 mod 1 has 190 pen… and even that is considered bad by most players

  9. It is light as hell, and I feel like a cockroach in the kitchen when the lights come on. Time to run and hide. So far it has be a fun little tank, and I think it was a good purchase. Far better than most of the crap WG has put out this year for WOT. Only real downside i see is that it should have been a tier 7 .

  10. there’s more to this tank than you think. i’ve found the trick is to use its camo value to get up close and personal with the enemy without being spotted and blow up their ammo rack using it’s decent pen.

  11. ive bought this tank, and have no regrets whatsoever. I typically play a scout, and love p***ive scouting in the AMX ELC Bis, even after its nerfs. This tank plays as a great p***ive scout, find a bush and throw on the camo and binocs and remain hidden all match. Even on the more this tank is fantastic at hiding. I dont recommend it for our typical tanker, but someone who enjoys cackling as atry hits that enemy youve been spotting for the fourth time all while you are invisible and watching him flail its great. Its also great getting cheeky kills by beating the gun depression of almost every heavy in existence, i mean its shorter the the KV 1’s hull alone. Its so cute!

    i did a team training with my friends and they brought four T 7 Cars, and a few other tier twos. they eventually killed me, so yea armor is crap

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