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World of Tanks Supertest: Italians Incoming!

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Italians INCOMING!

As announced during Wargaming Fest 2017, we will receive two new nations this year: Italy and Poland. The first nation to be introduced seems to be Italy and will bring a brand new, and complicated, mechanic to the game: auto-reloader.

I highly recommend watching the video and reading the official article, because I think this new mechanic is not going to be easy to get used to. The main idea is to have what we already call auto-loader, but with the possibility of reloading a single shell. Sound’s simple? Not really.

Auto-Reloader Mechanism

This new mechanism is not what we already call an auto-loader, where we could have a mechanism like a revolver and you have to reload all four shells to use it. This new mechanism is the same as having a conveying belt, that feeds your gun, the loader would be loading the mechanism, while the gunner would simply use it as he needs, almost like preloading some shells in case you need them.

The main factor is, that everytime you use one shell, a timer will start and it increases with every shell you use. So the first shell takes for example 10 seconds to load, and once it’s loaded it’s ready to be used. Then a second timer starts with 8 seconds, to load the second shell. If you don’t fire your gun, then a third timer will start, but this time with 6 seconds and then the last shell would only take 4 seconds to load.

Sounds better than an auto-loader, but if you decide to play as a single shot, your gun has 10 seconds reload all the time and it gives you the opportunity to use the other three in case you absolutely need them. But, if you use all your shells like a clipper, it would take 28 seconds to load all four shells again. Very similar to an auto-loader but it takes longer to load in total.

*The previous information is just an example.

A very interesting mechanism and I believe it will be hard to master, but it opens new gameplay possibilities and brings a special taste to the Italian tanks.

Progetto M35 mod 46

The first Italian to be introduced to the game will be a Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank called: Progetto M35 mod 46.


It will have a normal layout with a middle-mounted turret, with good mobility and gun depression countered by weaker armour. It also leans towards becoming a sniper, rather than an up-close fighter, thanks to good view range and a multipurpose loading mechanism.


Italian Tech Tree

The Italians will receive a complete Tech Tree, from Tier I up to Tier X. The first branch that will be introduced will be medium tanks, but other tanks are planned too. During the video, we could see several of these new vehicles.

Italian Tanks.PNG

While I can’t confirm the Tier of each vehicle, some are quite easy to guess where they will be, but I can confirm these following vehicles will be coming to the game, as shown in order from left to right in the video:

  • Fiat 3000
  • Carro Armato L6/40
  • Carro Armato M13/40
  • Carro Armato M14/41
  • Carro Armato P26/40
  • Ansaldo-Fiat P43 bis

Fiat 3000 will be at Tier I, light tank, the other vehicles are medium tanks, aside from the Ansaldo-Fiat P43 bias, that was projected as a heavy tank. This makes me believe we will see some in the tech tree either as Premium or Regular tanks. Overall, I’m very interested in Italian tanks, it should have been introduced a long time ago to the game, but for some reason, Wargaming has been delaying it…

The last hint hidden in the video was given by Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin, Product Manager WOT PC, where he says we will be able to use the Christmas female crew members we received, if you haven’t recruited them, on the new Italian tank Progetto M35 mod 46, meaning the tank is coming to the game before mid-March 2018.

I’m very much looking forward for these new tanks, but what about you?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Italians Incoming!

  1. I want to see the Fiat 2000 in game, we need more low tier derp tanks

  2. We need less low tier derp tanks. In fact we need all derp guns removed from the game.

  3. Shouldn’t that be how most autoloaders are? It’s pretty stupid to wait an entire clip reload to just load one shell into an auto loader. It’s un realistic that once you push the reload button that all the shells are magically unloaded from the vehicle.

    Might as well make more interesting mechanics such as in reality where the French auto loaders have to stop while reloading like they did in real life. They had to get out of the tank to load the shells.

  4. i Like the idea too that makes a good tier 2 heavy tank to start a new heavy tank line for example. I am eager to get Italian tanks foa long time

  5. as to when it will be available, NA server might be giving a hint on this one:

    Premium Tank Sales
    February has a surprise vehicle and gives a last chance to pick up an old favorite!

    Feb. 1-12: VII KV-122

    Feb. 2-6: VIII FCM 50 t (Last Chance)

    Feb. 8-26: VIII Primo Victoria

    Feb. 15-26: Surprise!

    Feb. 22-Mar. 5: VIII Object 252U Defender

  6. Interesting mechanics even though I don’t quite understand how it is supposed to behave.They really need to get the names sorted ASAP, auto-reloader simply sounds ridiculous.

  7. Well you have tiers I-VI for Italian tanks, but unless they start pulling napkin scribbles from somewhere, I really have not a clue how the hell they get it past the P.43bis, ***uming that’s tier VI.

  8. Like they said in the video, concept and paper tanks, how else? Im usually against giving credit to wargaming for anything, but honestly, this I understand. They have most of the non paper designs in the game already, except some weird ones they don’t know where to place in the tech tree and some that would just not work in wot (yes sturmtiger I’m looking at you).

  9. I’m almost sure. WG could have found difference sources, the turret for sure it looks like the one used on the wooden mock-up.
    P43 Mockup

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the wooden mock-up of the P43 and not the P43 bis version? As far as I know this was the wooden mock-up for the P43 bis:

    The turret on the model linked by you looks more like the P26/40’s turret with the extra commander’s cupola in my opinion. The height of the “box” on the back is about half the height of the turret and has a different shape, but on the ingame model the box is almost as tall as the back of the turret.

    The hull looks like a P43 bis and the turret almost looks like the P43 bis turret as well, just with that extra box added on the back of the turret. Maybe it will be the upgraded turret with some “what if” modifications.

    About the tacks, I hope WG will publish their sources once the tech tree is released because I’m curious where did they fin this track setup.

  11. From what I know there was more than one proposal for the P43. Could be wrong, but we will have to wait for WG to share more about the new tanks.

  12. So was the Turán III (although it was supposed to be a heavy tank because of the Hungarian military terminologies) and ingame the Turán III prototípus is a medium tank

  13. It might be stupid, but that’s how some auto-loaders actually worked. Not just in tanks though, take a look at rifles using a clip.

  14. Actually the reload times get higher the more shells you fire, so it is the other way around.

    When you start with a full clip and use only one shell at a time, it will be reloaded the quickest. If you empty the whole pack, last shell fired will have the longest reload.

    So harkonnen can only be right if he is using an empty clip for single shot technique. This way he will always be reloading “the slowest” shell.

    The system rewards you in reload time if you dont use the whole clip

  15. From what I understood the reload is exactly the other way round. So when you use it with singleshot, the reload is the shortest per shot. Each additional shot you used from the clip takes longer to reload, not shorter as depicted here. So if you shot twice, first shot takes (lets say) 10 seconds to reload, last shot takes 8 seconds to reload. If you only ever shoot once in a row, you only have 8 seconds reload per shot.

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