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World of Tanks EU: February Sneak Peek

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February is upon us and Wargaming EU as a special treat for us: Mini-marathon! Yes, it’s that time of the year where we will be able to get one Premium vehicle for free if you have the time to do the missions and collect the tokens. If not, you can always count that you will be able to buy these tokens, so you can also get the tank, but not entirely for free.


February Specials

Top of the Tree

February 1st to 28th: The French heavy tank line leading up to the fairly new AMX M4 mle. 54 is highlighted in this edition of the monthly special. Climb up the tree and get to this sturdy and powerful top-tier vehicle thanks to great discounts and bonuses!

Tank Class Spotlights

Enjoy an x3 XP for the first victory each weekend there is a different tank class highlighted.

February 3rd to 5thh: Heavy Tanks
February 10th to 13th: Medium Tanks
February 24th to 26th: Tank Destroyers


February 4th to 18th: Collect tokens by completing daily missions. Cross the finish line and walk home with a Premium vehicle! But which vehicle will you get?

Chinese New Year

February 6th to 28th: Celebrate the Chinese New Year with massive bonuses for that nation.

Valentine Special

February 14th to 18th: Enjoy an x3 XP for the first victory and a few more specials.

Supply Raid

February 19th to 23th: If you’ve taken part in January’s Supply Raid, you already know about this event’s concept. Complete enough daily missions and get rewarded with great in-game items!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks EU: February Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Harkonnen! Can you find out about what premium tank is about as reward? Or at least, what tire? Thanks a lot!

  2. I can;t wait! This marathon is the best news for me! I hope for a medium of tire 8! Maybe Progetto! :))

  3. Highly doubt its the Italian tank. I think that is coming in March. This is a mini-marathon, so either is something similar to the T25 Pilot (maybe even its that one) or the T-34-85M. Could be the T25 Pilot.

  4. I was thinking that WG got crazy calling 24 day long marathon “mini”. Then I looked at article and discovered that you have typo here Harkonnen. It is supposed to last to 18th of February not 28th.

  5. My guess is the Loza Sherman since Ph3lan said it on the forums that it isn’t going to be a Tier VIII tank and the Loza was previewed by CCs but wasn’t released yet.

  6. The last mini marathon was already a soviet med, so going from that the tiger 217 would be more likely.

  7. Wrong, last marathon was not t34 85m. It was japanes tier 6 heavy tank. HT No or what ever its name is.

  8. From my source, will be Loza Sherman! Not sure, but all the roads lead to Loza Sherman!

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