World of Tanks International 20K Members Giveaway Winners

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I’m sorry for the delay on announcing the winners for the 20k WOT International Giveaway, unfortunately I wasn’t at home all day and only now got a bit of time to do it.

Without any further delays, I would like to congratulate the following winners:

EU Server

NA Server

The winners will receive an email with further details soon. The World of Tanks International Facebook Group would like to thank every member of the group, without you guys we wouldn’t have such a great group. To everyone who entered the giveaway but weren’t lucky to win this time, keep an eye on the group and on the blog because we will be doing more giveaways soon, maybe you will have better luck next time.




Commander Skills Details and Progression Rate

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First of all I would like to thank iku_19, for sharing this on Reddit so everyone can have easier access to this information. Following is a list with all skills and details about them so you can better understand them. Please remember these are still in test and can change before the final version is released.



  • Level I
    • Tracking Alert (working title). This is a new skill. After this skill is mastered, the Situation Awareness (“DETECTED”) indicator will show the number of your opponents in the enemy team that are currently aiming at your ship with main battery guns. This skill will not work during retraining.
    • Preventive Maintenance — this skill was moved from Level 5 to Level 1. Its bonus was changed from -50% to -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules.
  • Level II
    • High Alert — this skill was moved from Level 3 to Level 2.
    • Jack of All Trades — this skill was moved from Level 5 to Level 2. Its bonus was changed from -15% to -5% to reload time of all mounted consumables. Reduces reload time of consumables -5% to reload time of all mounted consumables. During retraining, a 50% penalty is applied to the effect of this skill.
  • Level III
    • Fire Prevention — this skill was moved from Level 2 to Level 3. Added a bonus that decreases the number of fires on a ship to 3.
    • Basics of Survivability — this skill was moved from Level 1 to Level 3.
  • Level IV
    • Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament — this skill was moved from Level 5 to Level 4.
    • Survivability Expert — there were no changes for this skill.


  • Level I
    • Expert Loader — there were no changes for this skill. Now this skill will also work in case there are incapacitated/destroyed main turrets on the player’s ship.
    • Aircraft Servicing Expert — this skill was moved from Level 4 to Level 1.
  • Level II
    • Expert Gunner — there were no changes for this skill.
    • Torpedo Acceleration — this skill was moved from Level 3 to Level 2.
  • Level III
    • Torpedo Armament Expertise — this skill was moved from Level 2 to Level 3.
    • Emergency Takeoff (working title). This is a new skill. It will make it possible to launch and recover the aircraft while the ship is on fire. During fire, a 100% penalty will be applied to the aircraft servicing time This skill will not work during retraining.
  • Level IV
    • Inertia Fuze for HE Shells (working title). This is a new skill. It will increase the armor penetration capacity of HE shells fired from both main and secondary battery guns, at the expense of decreasing the probability of setting the enemy ship on fire.
      • -6% to chance of fire on target caused by HE Shell
      • +25% to the armor penetration capacity of HE shell
      • During retraining, a 50% penalty is applied to the effect of this skill.
    • Air Supremacy — this skill was moved from Level 5 to Level 4.


  • Level I
    • Direction Center for Catapult-Launched Aircraft (working title). This is a new skill. When the Catapult Fighter or Spotting Aircraft consumable is activated, an additional aircraft is launched. However the airspeed of catapult-launched aircraft is decreased.
      • +1 Catapult Fighter
      • +1 Spotting Aircraft
      • -20% to airspeed of catapult-launched aircraft
      • This skill will not work during retraining.
    • Dogfighting Expert — this skill was moved from Level 3 to Level 1. Added a bonus: +10% to ammunition count of fighters.
  • Level II
    • Smoke Screen Expert (working title). This is a new skill. It increases the smoke screen area.
      • +20% to the radius of the smoke screen
      • This skill will not work during retraining.
    • Expert Rear Gunner — this skill was moved from Level 1 to Level 2.
  • Level III
    • Basic Firing Training — this skill was moved from Level 1 to Level 3. Its bonus was changed from +10% to +20% to efficiency of AA defenses
    • Superintendent — there were no changes for this skill.
  • Level IV
    • Advanced Firing Training — there were no changes for this skill.
    • Manual Fire Control for AA Armament — there were no changes for this skill.


  • Level I

    • Incoming Fire Alert – this skill was moved from Level 2 to Level 1.
    • Evasive Manoeuvre – This is a new skill. It will decrease the airspeed of strike aircraft, but also reduce their detectability and increase their survivability when returning to the carrier for recovery.
      • -30% to airspeed of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier
      • -40% to detectability of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier
      • +15% to survivability of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier
      • This skill will not work during retraining.
  • Level II
    • Adrenaline Rush (working title). This is a new skill.
      • Increases reload speed of all armament as the ship HP is decreasing
      • -0.1% to reload time of all armaments for every 1% of lost HP.
      • This skill will not work during retraining.
    • Last Stand — there were no changes for this skill.
  • Level III
    • Demolition Expert — this skill was moved from Level 4 to Level 3. The chance of fire on target was changed from 3% to 2%. Now this skill will also affect secondary armament.
    • Vigilance — there were no changes for this skill. Its bonus will also be applied while the Hydroacoustic Search consumable is being used.
  • Level IV
    • Radio Direction Finding (working title). This is a new skill. After this skill is mastered, the player will see the approximate direction to the nearest enemy ship. The enemy player will be alerted that a bearing was taken on their ship. This skill will not work if a player is playing on an aircraft carrier. This skill will not work during retraining. The fact that the a bearing was taken on their ship will be indicated to the player in the same way as when the player’s ship was detected by ship, aircraft or with the use of an active consumable.
    • Concealment Expert — this skill was moved from Level 5 to Level 4.
Skill points XP needed before 0.6.0 XP needed after 0.6.0
0 0 0
1 1,200 1,500
2 1,300 2,500
3 1,500 4,000
4 2,100 6,000
5 3,400 9,000
6 5,800 14,000
7 9,600 21,000
8 16,000 30,000
9 25,000 41,000
10 37,000 54,000
11 53,000 69,000
12 74,000 87,000
13 102,000 108,000
14 136,000 132,000
15 179,000 159,000
16 231,000 189,000
17 294,000 222,000
18 369,000 259,000
19 1,000,000 300,000

Sub_Octavian about Commander Skills

Hello everyone,

Sub_Octavian has recently published on Reddit something about the Commander Skills rework on Update His opinion on the subject is quite similar to mine:

I’ve been browsing through comments about 0.6.0 here and saw several trends I would like to clarify. I hope that will help you good folks to understand the update better and have more fun during Public Test(s).

  1. Yes, we have kept “Radio Positioning”, while listening to ST feedback AND your “theoretical” concerns. This is why the skill is now 4 points and it shows a sector, not exact location. While it is powerful in some situations, I am just asking you this: before making rage posts go to PT and try (honestly!) to build a solid build with this skill. And think – just think – what would you sacrifice for this skill (e.g. on BB). And then, well, try it in game before making conclusions. Point is, the skill is not added to “ruin” any line or devaluate your mastery. It is a costly situational option. E.g. it may be very good in some game-staggering scenarios when 3-4 ships must chase some half-dead poor guy that tries to cap. Just an example.
  2. Overall, this update is NOT about class nerfs/buffs. It is about changing some particular builds or situations. It is about creating more real choice. And adding value to fully loaded commanders (elite XP, free respec, etc). Yet we hope cruisers and CVs will become more comofrtable/interesting and controlling population of BBs will become easier with this.
  3. This is not the only change planned. It’s not like we’re going to solve all current challenges with skills – watch the news. There will be more changes. Sorry, but this is living, breathing online game and it should be developed, tuned, tweaked, changed. “Don’t touch something that works right now” is not always good choice. These changes were made because we saw some potential to improve current design and because we believe leaving this stuff as it is may have bad influence on meta in several months.

I REALLY hope you guys will try the new stuff, write some thoughts (preferably on official forums in special topics) and complete PT survey, should you receive it. This is what PT means. And I really hope you will bring considered opinion after you get familiar with

As he advised, download the Public Test, build a few different builds and test the new skills. It’s very important that everyone tests them so WG don’t screw up the game with such a major change. That said, I’ve done what I’ve just recommended you and I’ve to say some of the new skills, one in particular, I’m still struggling to understand why they would bring it to the game, but I’ve said it in my mind “This is just a test, these can be changed before they release the final version.” Let’s hope some of these get some fine tuning before they get released into the wild.

World of Warships – Let The Holiday Season Start #3


Hello everyone,

Could we say it’s a good or bad situation, the fact that WG EU decided to give everyone the Santa’s Christmas Convoys missions, after all the locomotion players created? Well, it’s a good situation because they actually changed their mind and listened to the players, but it’s a bad because we had to go through all this trouble to get what they should never had taken away.

But like I said before, let’s focus on the positives and applause WG for doing something right to fix an issue they created. Here’s the official announcement:

Dear Captains,

We hope the holiday season was enjoyable for you and we sincerely apologise for the lack of proper communication on why we did not release the Christmas Convoy for our European Server yet.

Let me give this another try as I think it is important that we own up to our mistakes and listen to you at the same time. First and foremost we felt that time-gating access to this new and exciting ship (releasing packages in intervals of time, from most expensive to least expensive) would be against our players’ interest and we wanted to ensure that each player had access to Graf Spee while retaining the choice between having additional discounts on content bundles or purchasing just the ship.

This unfortunately was incompatible with the mission format of the Christmas Convoy, which led us to believe that it was better to not participate than to make the missions only available over Christmas to those who are spending a lot of money. We do understand that it felt like we withheld content from you and I do personally feel sorry for that. Since this content was time and money gated we felt it was the right thing to do, but we should have better communicated our reasons and for that we only have ourselves to blame.

We did negotiate with our global team and the other regions to adjust their original plan and can now happily say that Europe is ready to join the Convoy on 2 January. The change to the other regions primarily means that they will catch up with Europe and also offer Graf Spee unbundled and bundled earlier than planned, so the missions will become available to all owners of Graf Spee.

The Convoy Campaign will start in Europe on 2 January (00:01 UTC) and will last until 18 January (23:59 UTC) synchronous with the other regions. This means that all the content of the in-game missions will become available on Monday for everyone, regardless of which package they purchased. Those of you working hard on the “Hunt for Graf Spee” campaign mission chain – you will have access to all of the mission content upon completion of the 4th mission of said campaign.

Special information for everyone who purchased camouflages (in-game or through the Premium Shop) that are available as mission rewards in this Christmas Convoy Campaign:

If you complete the mission granting you the respective reward camouflage before 18 January (23:59 UTC) and bought any or all of the Campaign Camouflages, you will receive an equivalent compensation in Doubloons after the end of the Campaign (on or before 21 January). This affects the Campaign Camouflages for the following vessels: Fuso, Leander, Admiral Graf Spee, Budyonny, Bayern, Farragut and Tirpitz.

Since the other regions did have a head start on the missions, if the players there spent $100 or $75 respectively, we wanted to make sure we compensated the European players who also invested a comparable amount into getting the new ship. Therefore, all players who purchased the Admiral Graf Spee Supreme offer before this article was published will receive the last 4 mission rewards (Fuso + distinct camouflage + port slot, Bayern + distinct camouflage + port slot, distinct camouflage for Admiral Graf Spee, distinct Camouflage for Tirpitz) regardless of their completion after the end of the campaign (on or before 21 January). Attention – purchasing the Supreme Bundle after this message is published will not unlock this benefit! 

We understand that the communication around this has been terrible and I apologise for all the unrest during this festive season. I wish you all the best for 2017 and am looking forward to seeing you on the seas!

With kind regards,

Markus Schill

General Manager Wargaming Europe


The other “good news” is that other Servers will now get the Graf Spee deals sooner, so if you want to buy just the cruiser you will be able to for a decent price and you won’t have to wait. In the end all end’s well, right? Don’t forget to go around the forums and praise WG for their decision, this way they might stop doing poor decisions and listen to what you all want.

I know some of you might think I’m being ridiculous about this, but I do believe it’s the way forward. Use forums and other means to moan/complain when something is wrong, but also use them to tell WG when they do something right.

Reason for my Absence

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed the lack of posts yesterday, but at the moment I’m super busy with some personal affairs. Today I got one of the most important days in my life, my daughters baptism.


This means I’ll be gone for another day, as you can imagine I’ll be busy all day with the celebration and then we have a small party with family and relatives.

I’ll be back Saturday with a few articles just to keep everyone up to date with World of Tanks and Warships. Also on Saturday, I’ll be announcing the winners for the World of Tanks International 20K Members Giveaway. If you haven’t entered it yet, what are you waiting for? The entries close at 12:00 GMT today, so be quick and good luck to everyone.

I hope you all have a great Friday and see you all again Saturday.


World of Warships Public Test

Hello everyone,

Update is on it’s way but before we can have it, we need to test it. Public Test will be running from 29 December 2016 at 17:30 CET until 03 January 2017 at 14:00 CET. The biggest change for this update is the total redesign and inclusion of brand new Commander Skills.

These changes are going to have a big impact in the game that KaZanova, WG Staff, has posted the following on the World of Warships Asia Official Forum:

What we didn’t like?

  • 5 levels of commander’s skills made for too long of an upgrade at the end, and it was hard to justify the usefulness of 5 points.
  • Different numbers of skills on different levels, and “way too deep upgrades” also reduced variability – for each ship / type, in many cases, there was only one optimal combination. This negated the purpose of the skills – together with upgrades, they allow players to fine-tune the ship for individual styles of play.
  • In the current version of the game, there was an imbalance of certain skills in either cost or effectiveness.
  • There were only a few skills suited for aircraft carriers.
  • Current skill classification focused on the obvious – on the characteristics affected, not the style of the game.
  • There was a “practical” limit (18 points) and a “theoretical” one (19); after these, a commander’s development was completely unclear.

How did we deal with these issues?

  • Now the maximum cost of a skill is 4 points. The maximum number of points is 19; the speed of upgrading at the end was increased, and in the beginning – slightly reduced. This sets a smoother and more interesting tempo for upgrading a commander at all stages.
  • The number of skills increased, the matrix grew “in width”. As a result, we get a lot of interesting new combinations, and a far greater variability.
  • Many skills were changed for the better balance. For example, Preventive Maintenance – previously a very expensive skill with an unjustified-for-five-points effect was slightly weakened and moved to level 1 – now, the bonus looks more appealing, considering the new cost. Basics of Survivability and Basic Firing Training, on the other hand,  were too powerful for the previous cost of 1 point (and therefore, uncontested) – they were moved to level 3 (and Basic Firing Training got an increased effect on AA defenses).
  • 2 specialized skills were added for aircraft carriers.
  • Classification was revised in terms of playing style. New skill groups — Endurance, Attack, Support, and Versatility — provide a better understanding of the purpose of the skills.
  • After receiving the 19th skill point (which in the new version has an adequate cost, and not the previous 9,999,999 XP), a Commander starts earning special, Elite Experience. It can be spent profitably: upgrading other commanders, quick retraining, or redistributing skills.

What changes to gameplay should be expected?

  • There will be fewer universal skill sets in the game and far more specialized ones focused on a particular approach to a ship. For example, a battleship will be easier and more effectively upgraded for survivability of anti-torpedo armament, but to fit everything fully into one skill set will be difficult.
  • There will be specific skills, around which interesting tactics can be built. For example, Radio Position Finding will let destroyers and cruisers effectively specialize in fighting for points and hunting destroyers. Inertia Fuze for HE Shells motivates players to change firing HE shells from “throwing fire around” into aiming at weak points and doing direct damage. Adrenaline Rush will encourage the most aggressive play, and will provide an opportunity to emerge victorious from a complex combat situation – and so on.
  • With the release of this version, all players can reset their skills for free. Furthermore, new elite experience will allow continuing redistribution in the future, so that experimentation will not have to be paid for with doubloons.

Any compensation?

Sure, for your comfort there will be certain measures to make the readjustment process easier. The exact mechanics will be announced later.