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World of Warships Public Test

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Hello everyone,

Update is on it’s way but before we can have it, we need to test it. Public Test will be running from 29 December 2016 at 17:30 CET until 03 January 2017 at 14:00 CET. The biggest change for this update is the total redesign and inclusion of brand new Commander Skills.

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These changes are going to have a big impact in the game that KaZanova, WG Staff, has posted the following on the World of Warships Asia Official Forum:

What we didn’t like?

  • 5 levels of commander’s skills made for too long of an upgrade at the end, and it was hard to justify the usefulness of 5 points.
  • Different numbers of skills on different levels, and “way too deep upgrades” also reduced variability – for each ship / type, in many cases, there was only one optimal combination. This negated the purpose of the skills – together with upgrades, they allow players to fine-tune the ship for individual styles of play.
  • In the current version of the game, there was an imbalance of certain skills in either cost or effectiveness.
  • There were only a few skills suited for aircraft carriers.
  • Current skill classification focused on the obvious – on the characteristics affected, not the style of the game.
  • There was a “practical” limit (18 points) and a “theoretical” one (19); after these, a commander’s development was completely unclear.

How did we deal with these issues?

  • Now the maximum cost of a skill is 4 points. The maximum number of points is 19; the speed of upgrading at the end was increased, and in the beginning – slightly reduced. This sets a smoother and more interesting tempo for upgrading a commander at all stages.
  • The number of skills increased, the matrix grew “in width”. As a result, we get a lot of interesting new combinations, and a far greater variability.
  • Many skills were changed for the better balance. For example, Preventive Maintenance – previously a very expensive skill with an unjustified-for-five-points effect was slightly weakened and moved to level 1 – now, the bonus looks more appealing, considering the new cost. Basics of Survivability and Basic Firing Training, on the other hand,  were too powerful for the previous cost of 1 point (and therefore, uncontested) – they were moved to level 3 (and Basic Firing Training got an increased effect on AA defenses).
  • 2 specialized skills were added for aircraft carriers.
  • Classification was revised in terms of playing style. New skill groups — Endurance, Attack, Support, and Versatility — provide a better understanding of the purpose of the skills.
  • After receiving the 19th skill point (which in the new version has an adequate cost, and not the previous 9,999,999 XP), a Commander starts earning special, Elite Experience. It can be spent profitably: upgrading other commanders, quick retraining, or redistributing skills.

What changes to gameplay should be expected?

  • There will be fewer universal skill sets in the game and far more specialized ones focused on a particular approach to a ship. For example, a battleship will be easier and more effectively upgraded for survivability of anti-torpedo armament, but to fit everything fully into one skill set will be difficult.
  • There will be specific skills, around which interesting tactics can be built. For example, Radio Position Finding will let destroyers and cruisers effectively specialize in fighting for points and hunting destroyers. Inertia Fuze for HE Shells motivates players to change firing HE shells from “throwing fire around” into aiming at weak points and doing direct damage. Adrenaline Rush will encourage the most aggressive play, and will provide an opportunity to emerge victorious from a complex combat situation – and so on.
  • With the release of this version, all players can reset their skills for free. Furthermore, new elite experience will allow continuing redistribution in the future, so that experimentation will not have to be paid for with doubloons.

Any compensation?

Sure, for your comfort there will be certain measures to make the readjustment process easier. The exact mechanics will be announced later.

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