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M6A2E1 Available on Russian Server?

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Hello everyone,

Some of you might know others don’t, but on the Russian Server the Advent Calendar is still going until the end of the month. And to my surprise I was reading what is supposed to be available tomorrow: M6A2E1 aka The Mutant.

Never heard of this tank? It was available on the EU Server only if you pre-purchased a bundle costing €99.99 before the beta ended. There was three bundles at that time and we were told these tanks would never be on sale any more.

The Premium American Heavy Tank M6A2E1 was the first Tier VIII Premium tank available in the game and it stayed as such for a few months. It’s a collectors tank, the game has changed much since 2011 and to be honest, this machine doesn’t fare very well with all the new tanks available. But still the question remains: Why the Russian Server gets to be able to buy tanks not supposed to be available again? It’s not the first case, the EU Server got the M4A2E4 Sherman as a closed beta reward tank while the Russian Server can just buy it from the store.

Would you buy such a tank or can you live without these tanks being available?

15,466 thoughts on “M6A2E1 Available on Russian Server?

  1. “Why the Russian Server gets to be able to buy tanks not supposed to be available again?”

    “Not supposed to be available again” is for EU/NA. In Russia M6A2E1 never been a pre-order tank since the game went live there a year before EU/NA release. WG made the M6A2E1 and added to the game client in v0.6.2.8 just before the EU/NA.
    So when RU released the game back in 2010 the only available pre-order tanks were A-32 and Panzer V/IV.
    WG can’t sell M6A2E1 for NA/EU never again because they promised it, but can sell on RU/Asia since they never had it as a pre-order exclusive content.

  2. BC it was never offered as an exclusive bundle never to be available again on the russian server, thus they wont be hit with a lawsuit for false advertising if they sell it there. Same with the E4.

    This is also why AW where very careful to include the line “exclusive for one year” in there preorder packages.

  3. M6A2E1 was available in the gift shop on EU before… but due to ****storm whining it was removed, its has frontal armor level is comparable to the AMX M4 49 but its worse in everyother aspect. And i know it as the white elephant, not mutant.

  4. Before you give handies to AW, WoT Console did this from the very beginning.

  5. Haha I remember this ****storm, I wasn’t happy either because bought all 3 pre-order tanks thinking they never be available so don’t want to miss them out 😀

  6. they should make those bundles available again with same prizes. it’s unfair to those people also who were too young or didn’t play games back then. (if they never give the opportunity)

  7. So what if it wasn’t in the preorder on RU/ASIA? We should get an equal chance of buying it if we didn’t have money then. Or atleast A-32/Pz 5/4

  8. If they’d make a Black edition of the tank, they could sell it on EU again, I ***ume. WG is soooo not blessed with brains, unfortunately.

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