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World of Warships – Let The Holiday Season Start #2

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Hello everyone,

Ph3lan came back to the community with an update for the World of Warships Christmas Convoy EU fiasco.

Source: World of Warships Official EU Forum

“We considered this experimental double-campaign approach used in other regions and saw flaws in it. The double-campaign system does not cater to our audience in the usual manner we prepare offers. It was experimental and as we were not convinced it would work with benefit for the general audience, we decided to opt out of this part of the End of Year activities.

We knew that the Graf Spee itself would be a really important element to our players. That is why keeping this part of the event was an obvious choice. We also knew that many players would want to get their hands on special vanity items. Problems started here. The structure of the campaign combined with its time limitation did not, in our opinion, provided anyone except top payers, the option to get the items without major time commitment. This is not something we wanted nor felt right to ask of our players in the holiday period, when a big part of our loyal player base does not want to struggle between the game and family needs.

Seeing that some people would however like to get their hands on limited-edition content without the sacrifice of time spent with friends and family, we added all the camouflages for individual purchase, disconnected from bundles. This allowed anyone to cherry-pick the one or two items they are interested in fairly cheaply, without investing a huge amount of time for the campaigns or buying the Graf Spee which they may potentially not be interested in buying in the first place.

We understand that this choice has raised concerned through the community and are deeply saddened that this overshadowed so many of the other activities hosted for your entertainment during the Christmas / End of Year period.

We are currently looking into various options regarding the Christmas Convoy campaign, but even if we decide to take action in the following days, neither of them will have an immediate effect. Any event planning on this scale requires a meticulous analysis of the current situation. We learn from community feedback, as well as our mistakes, and we hope to bring you great events in the future and that we’ll manage to make you enjoy the End of Year activities regardless of this issue. The future events will be the core of our concern and that is what we are most working towards right now.”

In short: don’t expect any changes to their decision soon. I’ll be honest with you, I had a conversation with Ph3lan at WG Fest, not because of camouflages for World of Warships but for World of Tanks cases like the T26E5 Patriot and the AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté. My opinion at the time, and still is the same, is that they should release tanks normally and then make the camouflages available for anyone that wants them, even if they cost 2500 Gold/€9.95.

Why? Because other games do it like that and players actually buy them. I have no problems if a player decides to pay €10.00 for a camouflage, it’s his problem not mine, and if they want to pay that money for a camouflage, who am I to complain? The problem is when you are forced to get a camouflage you don’t want and you can’t replace.

The same applies when other regions can get things for free and only one region is forced to pay for them. It doesn’t matter if only a few players would be able to get it because of the time frame, I would much prefer to see players have a rant about that, rather than the fact WG EU decided they have to pay for something that is free on other servers.

Of course in this case I believe WG did the wrong thing, the only positive I can see here is that Graf Spee is available for €18.85, while the other servers will have to wait a few weeks to get it that cheap.

Now, all this leaves me with one though that I’ve shared with Ph3lan: What if WG did the right thing? I believe that currently even if WG does what players ask, they would still moan and blame WG for something.

Unfortunately this problem comes from the players, because only the ones with a negative feedback actually bother to share their thoughts. The changes of a player complain about something are much higher, than the changes of that same player complement WG for something they did right. Because of this negative cloud where just players with negative feedback share their thoughts, we seem to have a bad game and WG is the worse. Maybe the case is not that, maybe WG did more positive things and we don’t remember mostly because we don’t go around and pay a compliment to WG when they actually do it.

What do you think, would you still complain if WG EU didn’t decide to remove Christmas Convoy missions? Or would you go to the Forums and praise them for giving us those missions with nice rewards?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Let The Holiday Season Start #2

  1. You dude…Get a job at WG…You just dont get it.On Christmas day,in WoWs i saw nothing special…I,personally, really didnt care so much about Convoy missions but was no bonuses x3 or x5 ingame.Was nothing special.Just an ordinary day.Nothing Christmas Special.Nada.Capisci?
    And all of this coming after a failed discount in Black Friday and a dead December month.And all the time I was looking at others servers and other games.The sentiment was of disillusion,being cheated etc etc. And You blame…players.Epic Logic Fail.

  2. Honestly I bought Graf Spee as I wanted to have the ship but did not even play it due to lack of time – so any convoy mission would be no option for me either, So for me WG did just the right thing as playing for Graf Spe would have been out of reach, too.

  3. Why couldn’t the missions stay in place but allow people to purchase some of the rewards that have to cash but not the time?
    Surely that would have to go over better than deciding for people what’s best for them.

  4. There might be many reasons the WG EU team can give for repeatedly treating the EU server differently to the other servers, maybe they can convince a few that the “less is more” approach is a good thing but a bit of honesty wouldn’t hurt.

    Truth is the EU server is the only one not struggling to attract players so it’s the obvious target for milking cash from players while desperately hoping to attract more to the NA/RU servers before the game goes the way of World of Warplanes and fades slowly into history as most flawed concepts tend to do.

  5. The day WG does something praiseworthy, I will happily say so on the forums. Problem is, they never do. Instead, it is a long, sad, list of poor decisions, abusive marketing and outright failures. Mistakes happen, but WG EU neither learns from them, nor admit to any kind of wrongdoing unless there is a m***ive outcry. I would *love* to see every last one of them fired.

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