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World of Warships: The first nighttime operation!

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A new scenario, Cherry Blossom, will become available in Update 0.7.6. The operation is based on the real battle at Empress Augusta Bay on November 2, 1943, where the Japanese squadron of Admiral ?mori and the American task force of Rear Admiral Merrill clashed with each other.

Operation’s Storyline

The new Operation is inspired by the true events of a battle that occurred at Empress Augusta Bay. The battle will unfold near the shores of Bougainville Island in Oceania. If you want to see the first rays of the rising sun again, you’ll have to give it everything you’ve got in this encounter. Square off against Japanese forces, fighting under the cloak of night to repel their attack and provide cover for allied landings. At night, the detectability of your and enemy ships is significantly reduced, while dispersion is slightly increased. The Japanese forces rely on illumination shells and bombs that increase the detectability of a ship. Be careful and avoid the bombs’ areas of effect, otherwise the enemy forces will easily detect your ship and open fire on you.

Your mission in the nighttime battle is to repel the Japanese attack, cover the departure of the allied ships from the shore, and defend the landings against seaborne strikes. Morning will arrive soon, and allied aircraft carriers will join your squadron at dawn. Get ready to repel enemy airstrikes, progress with your offensive against the Japanese forces, and destroy enemy aerodromes.

You can play the operation on American, French, British, and Soviet Tier VIII cruisers. Cherry Blossom will be a default operation for two weeks after Update 0.7.6 releases, and after that it will be a part of the Operation of the Week rotation.

Gameplay Features

At nighttime, the view range and detectability of ships change:

  • The maximum detection range of ships is limited to 17.6 km
  • Ship detectability is reduced by 40%
  • The dispersion of primary armament fire is increased by 20%
  • The time of a ship’s increased detectability after firing primary armament at nighttime is reduced from 20 to 8 seconds.
  • The detectability of a ship within the range of illumination bombs increases to 17.6 km.
  • In-game nighttime effects do not affect the efficacy of consumables in battle.
  • When the operation nears its resolve, the night ends, and the ships’ parameters return to normal.


Main missions:

  • Destroy enemies and defend at least a single Marine Corps position
  • Destroy enemy aerodromes.

Secondary missions:

  • Defend both military transports
  • Ensure that at least 4 allied ships survive
  • Defend both allied regiment positions
  • Destroy 50 aircraft
  • Destroy flagship Atago.


Similar to other operations, participants will receive experience and credits. The more secondary missions you complete in addition to the main one, the greater the reward is.


You receive rewards the same way as in other operations: when you complete main and secondary missions (there aren’t more than five per battle) you get a star for each mission completed. You’ll acquire rewards for a certain number of stars only when you complete the operation for the first time. If you complete the operation again with the same number of stars, you won’t receive this reward again.


1 star:

  • 10x Surveillance Radar II
  • 10x Defensive AA Fire II

2 stars:

  • 10x Repair Party II
  • 10x Equal Speed Charlie London
  • 10x Zulu

3 stars:

  • 10x Stars ‘n Stripes camouflage
  • American Cruisers patch

4 stars:

  • 15,000 Free Experience
  • 25,000 Elite Commander Experience

5 stars:

  • 1 Premium Account day


15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: The first nighttime operation!

  1. Played it on PS and its awesome. Quite possibly the best scenario mission IMHO. Here is the thing though, its a truly TEAM scenario! Players HAVE to work as a team to survive the night because come dawn(daylight) the **** hits the fan once again!

  2. Always nice to get free exp and commander exp, still saving for Nelson so nice little boost there.

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