World of Warships

Supertest: New camouflages, patches and achievements

Special patches are added for the event GO NAVY! and each team of the competition. A special achievement is added for the event GO NAVY!

A special achievements are added for the Operation:

“Cat among the pigeons”

  • Destroy all of the 5 support ships in the base. Can be achieved in operation “Killer Whale” and in the updated operation “Narai”.

Secret achievement

  • Try to find the secret achievement by yourself!

Changed condition for achievement “Major Contribution”:

  • Cause more than 35% instead 50% of the damage dealt by your team and successfully complete the operation.

New camouflages

For american cruisers Dallas, Helena, Cleveland, Seattle and Worcester.

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    1. They’re a shark and an eagle, which match the teams for the GO NAVY! event.

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