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World of Warships Supertest: US Cruiser Worcester

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USS Worcester is a Tier X cruiser coming to Supertest soon. Please note stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules and are subject to change during the testing.


Initial Stats

Hit Points
45,400 HP
Plating25 mm
Armor Belt127 mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction19%
Main Battery?6×2 152 mm
Firing Range14.7 km
Maximum HE Shell Damage2.200
Chance to cause fire12%
Maximum AP Shell Damage3,200
Reload Time4.6 s
180 degree turn time7.2 s
Maximum Dispersion134 m
HE initial velocity812 m/s
AP initial velocity762 m/s
Sigma value2.0
Maximum Speed33 kt
Turning Circle Radius740 m
Rudder Shift Time10.7 s
Surface Detectability12.4 km
Air Detectability9.1 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke6.0 km

AA Defense

Armament12×2 20 mm
2.0 km
Damage per Second73
Armament2×1 76.2mm
Range5.0 km
Damage per Second39
Armament11×2 76.2 mm
Range5.0 km
Damage per Second307
Armament6×2 152 mm
Range6.0 km
Damage per Second76


 Slot 1 pcy001_crashcrew
 Slot 2 pcy008_sonarsearchpcy019_rlssearch
 Slot 3 pcy003_airdefensedisp
Slot 4 pcy002_regencrew

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: US Cruiser Worcester

  1. With a range of only 14.7km (17km with the upgrade) BBs will have fun with this ship. No smoke but the need to show a good portion of the side to make use of all or at least most turrets. A bit disappointing that the ship uses the same 152mm gun stats as all other USN ships with this caliber. Compared to other T10 cruisers the ship will be a pain to play in my opinion. The Des Moines is definitely the better choice if you want to play an USN cruiser. If you buff the ROF the difference will only be 0.8 sec but DM is able to use 2/3 (6) of it’s guns without the need to go broadside – in the same situation the Worcester will only be able to make use of 1/3 (4) and lacking the power of the DM’s great 203s.

  2. Apparently, according to what’s been playtested so far, the best example of what this ship is like is if the Minotaur and Atlanta had a baby. It’s a nightmare to fight against. Essentially imagine if the Minotaur had HE and you get this.

  3. I can only post 3D models when these came officially to Supertest. Shouldn’t be long before its out 😉

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