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World of Warships Supertest: Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad

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Stalingrand will be an upcoming Tier X Soviet Cruiser, this warship was first announced during Wargaming Fest 2017. It was a smaller and less-expensive counterpart to the Kronshtadt-class battlecruisers of 1939.

The original role was for a light, fast ship intended to break up attacks by British fast-cruiser forces that might attempt bombardment of Russia’s northern ports. The design would have been able to outgun any ship with similar speed, or outrun anything more heavily armed. Design work had just started when the German invasion of the Soviet Union opened and the design was put on hold.


Initial Stats

Hit Points
84,000 HP
Plating92 mm
Armor Belt180 mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction25%
Main Battery?3×3 305mm
Firing Range20.4 km
Maximum HE Shell DamageN/A
Chance to cause fireN/A
Maximum AP Shell Damage9,200
Reload Time20 s
180 degree turn time40 s
Maximum Dispersion219 m
HE initial velocityN/A
AP initial velocity950 m/s
Sigma value1.8
Maximum Speed35 kt
Turning Circle Radius1130 m
Rudder Shift Time15.0 s
Surface Detectability18.2 km
Air Detectability13.8 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke15.6 km

AA Defense

Armament10×4 25mm
3.1 km
Damage per Second84
Armament6×4 45mm
Range3.5 km
Damage per Second124
Armament6×2 130mm
Range5.7 km
Damage per Second167


 Slot 1 pcy001_crashcrew
 Slot 2   pcy003_airdefensedisp
 Slot 3 pcy002_regencrew

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  1. It should be 32 mm plating. What about he ammo? Without it its a crapy ship…

  2. …What?

    All your historical data is just plainly wrong. The “Stalingrad” is a post-war design of “large cruiser” (in USSR she was called just “heavy cruiser”), which main goal was to serve as backbone of light cruisers & destroyers squadrons. She was NOT “smaller and cheaper” – she was bigger, longer, faster, and she carried much more powerfull extra-long barreled 12-inch guns.

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