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World of Warships Supertest: Tier X Special Upgrades

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Wargaming is testing the possible introduction of special upgrades for tier X ships. No details have been given how players will be able to get them for now.

German Cruiser Hindenburg

  • Rudder shift is sped up by 20% (instead of 30%)

French Cruiser Henri IV

  • Penalty to rudder shift is removed
  • Penalty to concealment is increased to 10% (instead of 5%)

British Cruiser Minotaur

  • Upgrade is moved to the 5th slot
  • Penalty to the smokescreen lifetime is decreased from 30% to 15%
  • Bonus to the smokescreen setup time is decreased from 300% to 150%
  • Added a bonus to concealment of 5%

American Cruiser Worcester

  • Concealment bonus is removed

Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang

  • Upgrade is moved to the 5th slot
  • Penalty to the smokescreen setting time is removed
  • Smokescreen lifetime penalty is increased to 30% (instead of 15%)
  • Surveillance Radar active time penalty of 30% is added

New upgrades are still being actively balanced and may yet receive quite a few changes. The aim of those changes is similar to the main point of new upgrades – increase gameplay variability for the existing ships.

Source: World of Warships Development Blog