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World of Warships Supertest: French Battleship Turenne – Tier III

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Turenne is a fake name for this battleship, that in reality is a Danton class battleship. Two side turrets with smaller guns were removed and others were replaced with bigger turrets and guns to keep the main batteries consistent.


Turenne will be a regular Tier III battleship, all stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers, and are subject to change before the final release.

Initial Stats

Plating16 mm
Belt175-250 mm
Main battery6×2 305 mm
Firing range11.3 km
HE damage4,200
AP damage8,300
Reload time30 s
180 degree turn time60 s
Maximum dispersion177 m
HE initial velocity905 m/s
AP initial velocity798 m/s
Maximum speed19.3 kt
Turning circle radius510 m
Rudder shift time17.2 s
Surface detectability11.3 km
Air detectability8.3 km
Detectability after firing in Smoke
8.7 km
Anti-Torpedo Reduction
Damage Control Party / Repair Party


15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: French Battleship Turenne – Tier III

  1. Sigh. Again incompetence; instead of Model 1906 turrets (from “Danton”) they used Model 1910 turrets (from “Courbet”). On the ship, that is obviously dreadnought-style “what if” of “Danton”.

    Otherwise not bad, not bad.

  2. Not quite satisfiing as there indeed was a plan to build Danton as a “Dreadnought”. Plan was to have a double barrel 30.5cm turret forward and aft and on each boardside three single barreled 30.5cm turrets. The plan was rejected due to cost reasons and because the weight of the broadside of Danton was higher then that of Dreadnought.

  3. Agree, but, as we knew, Wargaming designers never ever worked too much on something…

  4. They probably want to keep the 8-gun broadside.

    If you look at the current Tier III battleships in the game (SoCal, Kawachi, N***au and Bellerophon), they can all bring eight guns to bear while broadsided. The Konig Albert is the notable exception, but it’s premium, so she has this advantage over the “standard” Tier III battleships. Even the plausible Italian Tier III (Cuniberti 17.000-ton project) would have a broadside of 8 guns (in a pretty unique configuration of three dual and two single turrets). Having the Turenne in her original “Danton with all big guns” configurations, simply replacing the dual 240mm guns with single 305s instead of these two dual 305s on each side, would mean a broadside of 7 guns – one less than all the others, (and three less than KA).

    I’ve heard an argument a while ago, about how most of the Tier X battleships are “Montana-clones”, and they do have a point: both the Kurfurst and the Conqueror have their (stock) main armament in four triple turrets, two fore and two aft. So far, the only different one is the Yamato (though we still haven’t seen the French Tier X yet). A similar argument could be made for the other end of the branch: most of the Tier IIIs are “Kawachi-clones”, with the N***au and now the Turenne both having six dual turrets in this “exagon” layout. There is more diversity at Tier III, with SoCal, Bellerophon and KA having different layouts, but three out of six with the same configuration is still a lot (though possible future Soviet and Italian battleships might be different).

    Anyway, maybe the “A” hull of the Turenne will indeed end up having the single turrets, and this picture is only the “B” hull. Kind of like how the Furutaka changes layout completely when fully upgraded. After all, this ship is still in development. Unlikely, I know, but hey, dreams are for free…

  5. Well at least N***au was built that way, and is the ship, the ship, the Kawachi is based on.
    But If I remember right, in the first datamined stats, they did not feature N***au’s guns, but Helgoland’s guns instead, seemling at first trying to make the Tier 3 for the Germans essentially a second Kawachi, making the tier 3 ships very similar, instead of giving each nation an individual flavor. With the N***au it appears they abandoned that mindset… to bad they now returned to it.

    IMO a 2×2 6×1 Dreadnought would be rather interesting indead, and the missing barrels could be compensated by an slight increased ROF, like 2,2 rounds/ minute or so…

  6. It would definitely be interesting, if only for the fact that it would bring single turrets on a battleship’s main armament (so far, all the battleships in the game have dual, triple or even quad turrets but not single ones).

    Also, slight update on my previous content: I’ve seen the upcoming French Tier X battleship (France) and it’s definitely NOT another Montana…

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