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World of Warships Supertest Information #4

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IJN torpedo launchers reload time

Torpedo launchers reload time is decreased for the following ships: Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki, Atago, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Takao, ARP Haguro, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon, ARP Nachi, HSF Harekaze.

The new reload times by launcher type are:

  • Type 8 mod.2 – 70 instead of 76 seconds for Myoko, ARP Myoko;
  • Type 90 mod.1 – 101 instead of 109 seconds for Atago, Mogami, ARP Takao, Ibuki; 101 instead of 112 seconds for HSF Harekaze; 76 instead of 82 seconds for Myoko, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ARP Nachi, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon;
  • Type 93 mod.2 – 112 instead of 120 seconds for Ibuki;

These changes will streamline the torpedo launchers mechanics and increase their combat efficiency.


Italian ?ruiser Duca degli Abruzzi, Tier VII

  • Increased the main battery turret rotation and elevation speed:
  • Horizontal rotation speed increased from 7 to 7.5 degrees per second;
  • Elevation speed increased from 5 to 8 degrees per second;

These changes will balance the ship better against other cruisers of the same tier.

American battleship Colorado, Tier VII

  • Increased hit points for hull (B) from 50100 to 59300. The amount of hit points is now equal to ship’s displacement.
  • The sigma number for both hulls is set at 1.9, compared to 1.8 for hull (A) and 2.0 for hull (B) before.

French Battleship Richelieu, Tier VIII

  • Anti-torpedo defense damage reduction is changed appropriately for this ship type. It is increased from 19% to 32%.
  • This is done to make the ship more comfortable to play.

Italian Battleship Roma, Tier VIII, Italian battleship Giulio Cesare, Tier V

Anti-torpedo defense damage reduction numbers are increased:

  • from 25% to 38% for Roma
  • from 19% to 30% for Giulio Cesare.

American cruiser Salem, tier X

  • Damage Control Party consumable cooldown is decreased from 90 to 60 seconds for Option I and from 60 to 40 seconds for Option II.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest Information #4

  1. Yeah last thing we need is more IJN wall of skill. Wish they would buff colorados speed it’s slower then most tier 5 BBs

  2. So wait… THAT is the reason you’re going to reinstall the game? To play a craptastic tier 7 battleship? REALLY? Not play ANY other other ships in game? Dude, talk about having some seriously lacking reasoning goin’ on there. xD I mean… just play the Nagato… or Gneisenau… or Nagato… or KGV… or the Nagato… because Nagato. 😛

  3. so they started buffing IJN torps? interesting…well at least its nice to see that they care about the state of the IJN torps even though this buff wont really matter much.

  4. Being slow is part of the identity of the USN Standard Type BBs. That’s part of why they were called “Standard Type”, the speed was deliberately kept at 21 knots so that the oldest ships in the fleet could still keep pace with the newest ones.

    With this major HP buff AND the fact that Colorado still gets the 0.66% heal instead of the normal 0.5%, the lack of speed is (more or less) balanced out by being the tankiest BB at Tier VII.

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