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World of Warships: Submarine Details & Halloween Port

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The community wanted submarines since day one, but it was very difficult to find the right design to implement them. Seems Wargaming has found a way that could bring these stealthy war machines to the game soon.


Halloween has become a testbed for new mechanics and new game features and this year we will get to test submarines. A new dimension will be added t the game: depth. Players will be able to freely manoeuvre between surface, submerged and even use the periscope. Each stance will have a different concealment impact on the submarine, speed and its ability to attack!


A second and third new game mechanisms will also be introduced to the game: Oxygen levels and Depth Charges. These will bring realism to the battle and bring a sense of balance to these stealthy machines. We don’t want that one player who never surfaces and just torpedoes every single enemy ship, right?


Submarines will only have weapons in their torpedo tubes where each can be launched individually and even have a mix of torpedoes in a single submarine. All these new game mechanics will be tested during the Halloween 2018 event, starting in October as it would be expected. But that’s not all, as, with every event in-game, players will also have the opportunity to use a brand new in-game port and Halloween 2018 isn’t an exception.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: Submarine Details & Halloween Port

  1. Soon? Let’s not get hasty. Most said the same thing about WOT’s Halloween event and multi turrets last year.

    I suspect this is a test. And how well it does depends on how soon we see it. If at all. WG thought WOT’s Halloween event last year showed several flaws with multiturrets, and thought it was a failure. They might think the same about this after the event. Time will tell.

  2. This isn’t WOT. It’s Warships, they take a lot less time to implement new things.

  3. Always love the WoWs Holloween events. Really keen to play them. It would be nice if you could take them into training rooms to play against other players. Would allow WG to gather PvP data against other ship cl***es without them being in standard battles.

  4. Finally… Now see if they can make a DD line tailored to ASW. If it makes it to the live server with tech trees, I expect to see Type XXI and I-400 as tier Xs. Tench cl*** as well. Maybe they should also add a crush depth for subs, i.e. you can’t go deeper than that depth(different for all submarines) no matter what you do. For oxygen, I think that they meant that when your oxygen level reaches 0 and you continue to dive, you lose health until you die. Depth charges work as intended and we might see Hedgehogs/Squids for the Brits…
    I’m no expert so take my opinion with a pinch of salt

  5. Almost forgot, the real life range of these submarines can be reflected as how long they can stay submerged without damaging themselves in the game

  6. I feel like flooding will also be a lot more potent against them. Maybe force them to surface when they start flooding? Or potentially sink below their crush depth?

  7. Nice idea Arashi, maybe their flooding will reduce 2x the hp a normal ship loses? Or make them unable to repair the flood unless it surfaces?

  8. And it wouldn’t be that hard to balance Submarines as previous WoWs clones have implemented submarines very well with Steel Ocean being the best example.

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