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World of Warships: Submarines Pictures

Wargaming has announced the upcoming Halloween event for 2018 and its biggest feature: submarines! You might have seen how they will play in my previous article, but now I’ll show you all five submarines you will be able to play with.

Submarines will only be available in the Halloween special event, no need to panic because you won’t see them on Random Battles, each submarine will have its own special Captain and there are also three warships, unclear if we will be able to control, that have a special event Captain. The event game mode seems to be similar to previous ones, where you might have to destroy certain objectives and cross the map from Point A to Point B.

What do you think, could we possibly see submarines as a class in a feasible future of World of Warships? Or would these be a game-breaking class?

Cyrus Herrero

Dr Frankenship

Klaus V Teslau

Lazarus Centurino

Mina Hurray





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  1. GJ on this Haloween event. Amazing models, nice addition to the game and new level of gameplay immersion indeed 🙂

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