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World of Warships – Pan-Asia Ships Scheduled for 2017

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to kvisitstump for sharing this on Reddit. Seems World of Warships will be getting more Pan-Asia ships in 2017, this has been confirmed during a Q&A session with Hisashi Yaginyma, WG Asia Producer. No details about what ships or when exactly they are coming.


Source: Reddit

2 thoughts on “World of Warships – Pan-Asia Ships Scheduled for 2017

  1. Well they confirmed a Thai commander at that same event, so logic dictates there will be at least one Thai ship.

    1. A Thai ship would have to be either Phra Ruang as a tier 2 DD or one of the Taksin class cruisers that were being built for them in Italy but got cancelled due to WW2 as a tier 4/5 CL. Can’t find anything else Thai that would be even remotely playable in World of Warships.

      There really aren’t that many possibilities left for Pan-Asia ships in general really.

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