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World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Comments on News for 2017

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Hello everyone,

As you all know there is a lot planned for World of Warships for 2017. I haven’t yet published some information, because I didn’t have time yet, but I’ve complied a few things from Reddit regarding what is coming or not coming to the game.

Source: World of Warships Reddit

Sub_Octavian published on Reddit a few clarifications on the recent announcements regarding World of Warships:

  1. The list provided is only a part of plans, so if something isn’t there, it may be coming anyways. We just had to pick stuff. For example CV improvement is 100% in the 2017 roadmap. But on WGF we concentrated on new features, for the sake of interesting presentation.
  2. Yes, VMF DD sub-branch. Other lines will come too, including more splits. Don’t worry – we did German BBs, we did RN cruisers, alternative IJN DDs, now we’re doing German’s not like we’re doing only Soviet ships here. But they are important for us and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be. We respect history, including our naval heritage.
  3. Yes, “intuition” perk. We adjusted it after supertest. It will be weaker, it will be countered, and it is 4 points now. We are fully aware of your concerns – no, it is not going to kill anything. Let’s not draw inaccurate conclusions and wait for public test. We believe it will work, and contribute to the game in a good way. If not, well, we know how to cancel bad stuff. But honestly, after all thought, I don’t think that is the case.
  4. No, unique commanders won’t be OP, but they will be worthy. Getting something cool and collectible to the game is good. As well as rewarding experience for active players.

When asked why Royal Navy BB are missing and other things players are hyped about, Sub_Octavian replied:

  • Because production of different ships takes different amount of time. Soviets are getting ready for gameplay testing, while RN BBs are in 3D dept. We announced not the stuff you are most hyped about, we announced the stuff that is closest to completion. Nothing is “missed”, but you cannot get everything at once.

Player asked if is there a feature that Sub_Octavian is looking forward to seeing .

  • Yes. I want challenging PVE. Grab some friends and take on some insane mission with a lot of teamwork against overwhelming enemy – this is what may happen, and I will be absolutely happy if it will. I also updated my PC recently, so I am hoping to see visual improvements.

Brock_samson_39: No news about team battles, or possibility of bigger divisions? It’s frustrating if your division of 3 takes out 60% of the opposing team but your potatoes out potatoes theirs by a fair margin and you still lose by points before you can find the rest of their team. Escorts sounds awesome, thanks for the effort in expanding on the changes here for us.

Sub_Octavian: Team battles are currently postponed as we decided to focus on clan development and ranked improvements.

ZurichianAnimations: So Tone was just left out for presentation purposes too right? She’s coming in 2017 too… right?… R-right?

Sub_Octavian: No plans for her right now, but we have some weird and funny ideas for experimental stuff. And Tone might fit it. We’ll see.

Nikolaevna: ETA on Russian BBs?

Sub_Octavian: Not 2016-2017. The line can be viable, but we have other stuff in order.

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