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New German Destroyers on the Horizon

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Hello everyone,

The German Destroyers are closer to be released to the game. Wargaming has shared what they consider the branch characteristics and the ships stats. Here’s what has been shared on the official page.

Branch Characteristics

  • Excellent torpedo range, speed and reload time
  • AP Shells have increased damage, similar to German cruisers
  • Torpedo range increases with the ship tier, other torpedo characteristics are not affected
  • Tier II-IV ships are equipped with forward torpedo tubes, so you don’t have to expose your sides as much to fire ’em!
  • 128mm guns with good ballistic properties become available at tier VI
  • You’ll have a choice between 150mm or 128mm main guns at tiers VI and VIII
  • Tier IX and X German destroyers mount powerful AA defenses due to their dual-purpose guns
  • Steer carefully: wide hulls make these ships vulnerable to AP shell hits

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