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World of Warships: New Year Gifts and Rewards – Get ready for the Grind!

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Soooo…  we now know more about the New Year Event and basically, if you want the Puerto Rico, get ready for one nice grind.

With the New Year celebrations on the horizon, a fresh layer of snow is coating the Port of New York and the much-loved Snowflakes are once again set to appear on your ships.


In line with our traditions, ships of Tier V and above will feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Throughout Update 0.8.11, the first victorious battles with each of these ships will reward you as follows:

  • Ships of Tier V–VII will bring you 400-750 Coal.
  • Ships of Tier VIII–IX will bring you 75 Steel.
  • Ships of Tier X will bring a Santa’s Gift container which can drop doubloons, Free XP, Coal, and other goodies. If luck is on your side, you might even get a Premium ship!


Please note: a Snowflake can be ‘blown off’ a ship only once during Update 0.8.11.




The new game event tasks you with completing 82 missions spread across seven Directives. Completing Directives and their missions will bring you rewards, among which the following particularly stand out:

  •  VII Gorizia
  • The New Year permanent camouflage that can be applied to the majority of Tier VIII ships
  • 4x Santa’s Gift containers which have a certain chance of dropping one of the Premium ships
  • 1 950 Shipbuilding Tokens—a resource needed to buy construction boosters for the Dockyard
  • 24x Shipbuilding containers with items from the new collection
  • 9x Port slots
  • 18,180 Coal
  • 2 250 Steel
  • One Santa’s Big Gift container

 VII Gorizia and a Commander with six skill points can be obtained by completing five out of the 13 missions of the third Directive. The remaining four Directives are aimed at the most determined “Sea Wolves”—those Captains who truly have their hearts set on speeding up the construction of cruiser  X Puerto Rico.

If you already have Gorizia in your Port, you’ll receive an amount in doubloons that corresponds to the cost of the ship as compensation, plus a Commander and Port slot.

The first Directive opens up with the release of Update 0.8.11, once server maintenance is complete. The other Directives will become available on December 17, December 21, December 25, December 29, January 2, and January 7. The Directives will be available for completion until January 14.



The new collection consists of 20 elements related to various stages of the shipbuilding process, taking a World War II-era U.S. large cruiser as the example. The collection offers you insights into how a warship is built, starting from the keel-laying stage, then looking at the various roles and people involved in the construction process, the machinery used at dockyards, and the ship’s armament and equipment.


  • Each completed subcollection will reward you with 1 day of Premium Account
  • The reward for completing the entire collection is a Santa’s Big Gift container.


Elements of the collection can only be obtained from Shipbuilding containers.

You can find the following in a Shipbuilding container:

  • An item from the Shipbuilding collection
  • One of the following: Frosty Fir Tree or New Year Streamer expendable camouflage
  • One of the following: 100 doubloons; 400 Coal; 1 day of Premium Account; 1,000 Free XP; 2 500 Elite Commander XP; or 50 000 credits.


The exchange rate of duplicates for other elements is 4:1. After you complete the collection, all duplicates will automatically be exchanged for 15 000 credits.


During Update 0.8.11, log in to the game between December 12 through January 2 inclusive to start getting valuable rewards via the Daily Shipments section.


You can grab a total of 14 rewards, with the Daily Shipments running for 21 days. Thus, you can skip seven days out of the three weeks and still claim all the rewards.

Click to see the rewards
  • 3x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1x Shipbuilding container + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1x Shipbuilding container + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1 day of Warships Premium Account + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1x Santa’s Gift container + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 3x New Year Streamer camouflages + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1x Shipbuilding container + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1,000 Coal + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 1 day of Warships Premium Account + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 2x Shipbuilding containers + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 3x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages + 3x New Year Streamer camouflages + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 100 doubloons + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 3 days of Warships Premium Account + 5x Shipbuilding Tokens
  • 2x Santa’s Gift containers + 10x Shipbuilding Tokens


Obtaining  VII Gorizia unlocks access to four consecutive chains of combat missions. The first one can only be completed playing Gorizia. The others require ships of Tier V–X. The missions will be accessible from December 12 till January 16.

Complete all the missions, and the following rewards will be yours:

  • 12x Shipbuilding containers
  • 2x New Year permanent camouflages for Tier VIII ships
  • Researchable ships  VI Furious VI Izmail VI Guépard, and  VI Trento. They come with all researchable modules, Port slots, and Commanders with three skill points


If any of these ships are already in your Port, you’ll get compensation in credits, a Commander, and a Port slot.


Daily Shipments, Snowflakes, and the event’s Directives will bring you Santa’s Gift containers.


A Santa’s Gift container drops one of the following rewards:

  • A Premium ship and Commander with 10 skill points
  • 300 doubloons
  • 2 500 Coal
  • 10 000 Free XP
  • 30 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 4x New Year Streamer camouflages
  • 4x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages
  • 50x Zulu signals
  • 50x Papa Papa signals
  • 50x Zulu Hotel signals
  • 50x Equal Speed Charlie London signals


A Santa’s Big Gift container drops one of the following rewards:

  • A Premium ship and Commander with 10 skill points
  • 1 000 doubloons
  • 7 500 Coal
  • 90 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 12x New Year Streamer camouflages
  • 12x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages
  • 15x Dragon special signals
  • 15x Red Dragon special signals
  • 15x Wyvern special signals
  • 15x Hydra special signals
  • 15x Ouroboros special signals
  • 15x Basilisk special signals
  • 15x Scylla special signals
  • 15x Leviathan special signals

Santa’s Big Gift containers offer higher chances of dropping a ship.


A Santa’s Mega Gift container drops one of the following rewards:

  • A Premium ship and Commander with 10 skill points
  • 2 000 doubloons
  • 12 500 Coal
  • 180 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 20x New Year Streamer camouflages
  • 20x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages
  • 5x Mosaic camouflages
  • 5x Asian Lantern camouflages
  • 5x Spring Sky camouflages
  • 30x Dragon special signals
  • 30x Red Dragon special signals
  • 30x Wyvern special signals
  • 30x Hydra special signals
  • 30x Ouroboros special signals
  • 30x Basilisk special signals
  • 30x Scylla special signals
  • 30x Leviathan special signals

Santa’s Mega Gift containers offer the highest chances of dropping a ship.

Rules of Compensation

  • If a container drops a ship that is already in your Port, your New Year gift will be replaced with a supercontainer that will drop another ship from the list, a Port slot as well as a Commander with 10 skill points.
  • If you already have all the ships from the list in your Port, your Santa’s container will drop a different reward out of those that can possibly drop from it.
  • If you didn’t immediately open your container, and prior to opening it you obtained a ship that could drop from the container, it’s possible for a duplicate ship to be dropped. If this occurs, you’ll receive compensation equal to the ship’s cost in the form of doubloons, a Commander with 10 skill points, and a Port slot.

Ships: the Complete List

Click to see the list
  • IV Imperator Nikolai I
  • V Gremyashchy
  • V Kamikaze
  • V Fujin
  • V Giulio Cesare
  • VII Belfast
  • VIII Mikhail Kutuzov
  • VIII Enterprise
  • IX Missouri
  • IX Musashi
  • IX Kronshtadt
  • IX Benham
  • IX Georgia
  • IX Jean Bart
  • IX Alaska
  • IX Azuma
  • IX Friesland
  • VIII Graf Zeppelin
  • VIII Roma
  • VIII Vanguard
  • VIII Kii
  • VIII Massachusetts
  • VIII Tirpitz
  • VIII Gascogne
  • VIII Alabama
  • VIII Irian
  • VIII Wichita
  • VIII Lenin
  • VIII Saipan
  • VIII Kaga
  • VIII Prinz Eugen
  • VIII Bayard
  • VIII Atago
  • VIII Cossack
  • VIII Le Terrible
  • VIII Asashio
  • VIII Kidd
  • VII Duca degli Abruzzi
  • VIII Loyang
  • VII Nelson
  • VII Duke of York
  • VII Hood
  • VII Scharnhorst
  • VII Ashitaka
  • VII Atlanta
  • VII Nueve de Julio
  • VII Boise
  • VII Lazo
  • VII Indianapolis
  • VII Yuudachi
  • VI W. Virginia 1941
  • VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  • VII Z-39
  • VII Haida
  • VII Leningrad
  • VII Sims
  • VI Duca d’Aosta
  • VII B?yskawica
  • VI Arizona
  • VI Mutsu
  • VI Warspite
  • VI Ark Royal
  • VI De Grasse
  • VI T-61
  • VI Dunkerque
  • VI Huanghe
  • VI Perth
  • VI Admiral Graf Spee
  • VI Aigle
  • VI Monaghan
  • VI Molotov
  • VI Gallant
  • VI Anshan
  • V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  • V Viribus Unitis
  • V Genova
  • V Texas
  • V Exeter
  • V Yahagi
  • V Marblehead Lima
  • V Marblehead
  • V Murmansk
  • V Krasny Krym
  • V Hill
  • V Siroco
  • V Okhotnik


A Dockyard will appear in your Ports, where U.S. cruiser X Puerto Rico—one of the design concepts of U.S. large cruiser Alaska—will be laid down. Puerto Rico is one of the most heavily armored cruisers in the game, and boasts 12 deadly 305 mm guns.

The process of building the ship is split into six stages, which are divided into a total of 36 phases. To complete the ship, you must go through all phases of construction, from laying the keel to installing the ship’s armament and deck equipment. Completing each phase will change the look of the ship and bring you valuable rewards.

new-year-2020-event_1_1920x1080 (1)new-year-2020-event_2_1920x1080 (1)new-year-2020-event_3_1920x1080 (1)new-year-2020-event_4_1920x1080 (1)new-year-2020-event_5_1920x1080 (1)new-year-2020-event_6_1920x1080 (1)

Complete all phases to get cruiser  X Puerto Rico along with an exclusive permanent camouflage, and a Commander with 10 skill points!


Shipbuilding progress

The building process is automatic and proceeds in real time. Shipbuilding Points are added every second, with the ship progressing through the building scale from one phase to the next.

Key rules

  • Progress along the scale will start automatically on December 16, even if you don’t log in to the game on that date.
  • The shipbuilding process can be accelerated using certain Dockyard enhancements called “boosters”.
  • The shipbuilding process will continue even after you log out of the game.
  • Starting from phase 18, you’ll be given the option to complete construction of the ship immediately in exchange for doubloons.
  • Don’t forget to collect the available rewards for completing phases!
  • Please note: it will be impossible to complete the ship in time without using boosters.

new-year-2020-event_1920x1080 (1).jpeg

The building process will continue automatically only until January 13, but the Dockyard will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.9.0. This means that you’ll still be able to complete the cruiser by using doubloons or Shipbuilding Points, the latter of which are granted immediately after activating boosters.


Building a cruiser is no walk in the park. To build the ship in time, it’s essential that you use boosters.

Every booster will instantly bring you Shipbuilding Points and also increase the rate at which they are accrued. The earlier you get a booster, the more Shipbuilding Points it will bring.

  • Boosters become available sequentially. The next booster can be purchased only after obtaining the preceding one.
  • To get boosters, you’ll need a special temporary resource—Shipbuilding Tokens.
  • You don’t have to wait for the first minutes of the ship’s construction period to activate your first boosters. You can do it immediately once Update 0.8.11 goes live to get your first Shipbuilding Points and rewards. On the first day of construction, i.e. December 16, you’ll receive a permanent bonus to the speed of shipbuilding.
  • Please note: boosters can be obtained in exchange for Shipbuilding Tokens until the end of Update 0.9.0, but after January 13, they will provide an immediate bonus to Shipbuilding Points only.

It’s entirely possible to build  X Puerto Rico using only the boosters available for Shipbuilding Tokens. To achieve this, simply complete the event’s Directives, pass through Daily Missions, and don’t miss any Daily Shipments to get more Shipbuilding Tokens as soon as possible and activate boosters in the Dockyard.

new-year-2020-event_1920x1080 (2).jpeg

You can also speed up the shipbuilding process with boosters that are available in exchange for doubloons. These work in the same way as the boosters available for Shipbuilding Tokens, but they can only be activated until January 6. You’ll also get a Santa’s Mega Gift container with every booster you buy for doubloons.

A total of 12 boosters are available in the Dockyard:

  • The first booster will be activated free of charge. You can activate it immediately after Update 0.8.11 goes live to instantly obtain your first Shipbuilding Points and corresponding rewards.
  • Eight boosters are available in exchange for Shipbuilding Tokens. Their total cost is 2,400 Shipbuilding Tokens:
    • The first and second boosters cost 200 Tokens
    • The third and fourth boosters cost 300 Tokens
    • The fifth to eighth boosters cost 350 Tokens
  • Three boosters are available in exchange for doubloons. Their total cost is 24 000 doubloons.

Shipbuilding Tokens

Shipbuilding Tokens can be obtained by:

  • Completing the Directives of the event (1 950 Tokens):
    • 200 Tokens for the first Directive
    • 250 Tokens for the second Directive
    • 300 Tokens for each of the third to seventh Directives
  • 640 Tokens for progressing through Daily Missions in the period between December 12 and January 12, inclusive.
  • 75 Tokens from Daily Shipments.

Got enough Shipbuilding Tokens? Then don’t waste time! Spend them as soon as possible on boosters! Even if you aren’t intent on building  X Puerto Rico, you still can get a variety of rewards for completing the various construction phases. Activating all the boosters as early as possible will ensure that you maximize your rewards.

new-year-2020-event_1920x1080 (3).jpeg

In total, you can earn as many as 2,665 Shipbuilding Tokens throughout Update 0.8.11. When Update 0.9.1 hits the servers, any Shipbuilding Tokens will be converted to credits at a rate of 1:7 500.

The Directives and ship construction feature will be available for all players with open access to combat missions in their Service Record. Novice players will have to play 70 battles in any accessible battle mode to unlock them. More details will be available in the game client.

Join us for the New Year celebrations by blowing off Snowflakes, completing Directives, and perhaps most significantly—building cruiser Puerto Rico!

I hope that you guys don’t have too much planned in December and early January because if you want the Puerto Rico (that is actually a pretty nice ship) a big grind is awaiting.

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  2. if you’re willing to drop some 60k (6000 +8000 +10000 boosters should get you to the point where you can buy the ship instantly, then it’s i think 36000) gold on single ship, sure…

  3. I hope that you guys don’t have too much planned in December and early January because if you want the Puerto Rico (that is actually a pretty nice ship) a big grind is awaiting…. NO WAY my friend. I will spend my money on real value stuff, maybe new SSD, new mobile phone, and my time with people in real life. So if you go and try this free grind, lol GO AHEAD and swim fast .

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