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World of Warships: 24-Hour Charity Stream and a few words

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that everything is going well for you, that you changed your tires for winter, that you bought the presents for Christmas, etc. I know that some might wonder why I didn’t write anything regarding… a certain event around a U.S. Large cruiser called Puerto Rico. Well, it’s simple.

Why would I write down what was literally said a thousand time by fellow Community Contributors on stream, in videos, etc.? There is literally nothing that I can add. The whole thing was a communication fiasco with unreasonable tasks to accomplish unless we have 24 000 doubloons to burn which makes the grind WAY easier. It seriously saddens me because I really was hyped for the whole “build your own ship” thing.

Also, if you think that Gorizia is still a nice reward on its own… well sorry but you will be disappointed. The ship is basically a worse Zara that trades a lot of things including torpedoes just for a Hydroacoustic Search.

Anyway, let’s have a look at a much more positive thing.


Join our week-long fundraising drive in aid of a good cause!

World of Warships is proudly supporting the renowned international charity, Save the Children, to help raise funds for the new year in a warm, festive, and fun atmosphere. Starting on December 14, donating certain amounts via the link below will allow you to select one of the many valuable rewards that we have on offer. The fundraising drive will culminate in our first 24-hour stream, running between December 19–20! Our regional teams in the EU and NA, plus some of our devs from Saint Petersburg will be joined by a group of Community Contributors for a full day of fun, shenanigans, and Warships!

The available rewards include some very rare in-game items, including certain ships that have been taken off sale, along with some exclusive physical gear and other intangible, but no-less-valuable goods.

When you tune in to our 24-hour stream you will take home a free Santa’s Gift container, guaranteed! 

For 100 years, Save the Children has been fighting to protect children around the world from violence, famine, and poverty, and to provide them with the healthcare and education needed to lead a dignified and fulfilling life.

Fundraising campaign begins: Sat. 14 Dec. 06:00 CET (UTC+1)
24-hour stream starts: Thu. 19 Dec. 18:00 CET (UTC+1)
24-hour stream ends: Fri. 20 Dec. 18:00 CET (UTC+1)
Fundraising campaign ends: Fri. 20 Dec. 20:00 CET (UTC+1)


Please note: the stream will be conducted in English.

Regional streams

In the run-up to the 24-hour stream, we’ll also be hosting some special streams in our regional languages to spread the good vibes!


What you can get for donating

On December 14, we’ll start taking donations that will go directly towards the campaign, meaning that any donations made in the time between then and the end of the stream will qualify you for rewards.

When donating via the link below, you’ll be given the choice of which reward to get, as long as the amount donated is equal to, or higher than the “value” of the chosen item.

During this time, you can give the minimum suggested donation tied to the individual reward to obtain it.

Apart from the satisfaction of having aided a good cause, here are some of the more tangible rewards you can claim:

  • Torpedo plushes.
  • Signed posters.
  • Rare ship bundles, including the likes of   VII Belfast ,   IX Missouri , or   V Kamikaze.
  • Division time with Contributors.
  • Commander packs.
  • Exclusive event permanent camos.

Wargaming will cover the shipping cost of any physical rewards.

None of the monetary contributions made during this event will pass via Wargaming, but will go directly to Save the Children.

Donate to support Save The Children!

Milestones and polls

Goodies aren’t the only rewards you can get for contributing!

We’ll also have a set of fundraising milestones that, when reached, will trigger special events on the stream.


2 things here. I can’t wait to see Crysantos and MrConway taking a pie in the face if it’s really what the first milestone is and 2, choosing the resource for Hayate is a pretty nice opportunity. I would just not like to see this ship being available for steel or research points because… in my opinion, she wouldn’t be worth these resources right now.

Who’s coming?

The World of Warships team will be joined by a gathering of Community Contributors who are generously hopping aboard in support of children the world over. Expect to see these familiar faces on stream:

 ChaosmachineGR  JamDearest
 MrMacavity  Nexooos  Nozoupforyou
 Searaptor00  Statsbloke  TCFreer

A few words:

As much as I’m annoyed by the whole Puerto Rico fiasco, I would just clarify something…

I already heard that some people are planning to join the charity stream just to pollute the chat with that. Seriously, if any of you people are actually planning to do that, you are idiots and I stay polite. It’s a CHARITY stream for a very important cause and even then, people still want to spit their hatred during that kind of event.

As much as Wargaming screwed up on their side on… well pretty much any possible part of the New Year event, doing that would make you look like utter fool. I seriously hope that people will actually behave properly and unit for a great cause rather than to just rage about the Puerto Rico during that stream.

Come on guys! MrConway and Crysantos taking a pie in the face! Make it happen! (And also don’t let the Hayate become a ship for steel!)