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World of Warships Gamescom 2017 Q&A

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Q (dzobo30): When we have a clan wars?

A: Clan wars are just around the corner. As shown at gamescom, September’s update should be bringing the most important features that all clan-lovers were waiting for. Clan base building, and reaping the benefits of those, as well as engaging in deep-sea clan-on-clan action, is all coming to your port very soon!

Q (Wuidermach): For the people who are going to go to the gamescom, can we try something new in the game before it comes out? And in relation to the game, will the mechanics of water mines be implemented for standard games? Or be able to know where we have given to the enemy ship when we make an impact?

 A: The UK BBs are available for all gamescom attendees.

Q (arilies0): Will you add French battleships? And what will be the approximate release date?

A: We are obviously looking forward to the grand French battleships and expanding the French navy in that direction. We can’t commit to any dates at the moment though, but as announced earlier, we hope to deliver them by the end of the year.

Q (TheFlyingDumbass): Do you plan on allowing divisions in ranked at some point?

A: Yes, we do have such plans. We’ve been looking into the impact of introducing 2-player divisions to ranked battles for a while.

Q (Sakamotochaton): Is it possible for every actual playable nation to receive 4 lines of ships (destroyers, cruisers, battleships and CV)?

A: It’s not possible. For example, the Polish navy, as well as the Commonwealth, didn’t have carriers, so naturally those nations won’t get these branches. While we can take liberties when inputting ships and sometimes we do recreate (to the best of our prediction-engineering ability) how a ship would have looked if a blueprint was finished, it doesn’t make much sense to make a totally fictional branch of a tree. It’s not what we want World of Warships to become.

Q (Sadzior): Why you discriminating EU players by making better specials on RU server? We had celebration of French Bastille day, American Independence day, Helloween but NOT Russian fleet day. Why can’t we all celebrate Russian fleet in other countrys than Russia? Its, after all, a huge peacekeeping force with can nuke us to oblivion with ballistic missiles. You were giving RU players tier 5 battleship Oktiabrskaya revoluciya practically for free when requirements to get tier 2 cruisier (with all already have) Emder was much higher on EU. We are tired of being milk cows payng money when you giving away stuff on RU for free. I will boycott you on gamescom this year.

A: October Revolution will be distributed via an in-game event for free, as well as it being sold, in the foreseeable future. There are certain discrepancies that cause us to move or change events between regions and this was one of those situations. We preferred to wait until the dedicated, new camouflage for the ship was delivered. We try to treat all the regions fairly, to provide as much rewards as each region. We are aware it is not always to your liking, but we do the best to please you, and at the same time keep the entire game going at a good pace and in good health.

Q (A_British_Hedgehog): Having shown off the new Torpedo explosions recently, do you have plans for more varied destruction animations, such as a large catastrophic explosion for a devastating strike or burning ships remaining afloat for a period before sinking?

A: We are reviewing a great deal of animations and effects in the game. Water has been improved recently, new torpedo effects as well as new fire effects look glorious already. Over time, we hope to steadily improve every aspect of the game, as resources allow us to.

Q (Helghast99): When you will add Italian tree? 😀

A: The Pan-Asian Destroyers and French navies are currently more of a priority, but we’re looking into an Italian navy as well. The great beauty of the Italian ships is something we don’t want to miss out on in the future!

Q (Darioushz): When mm +/- 1 for all tiers ?

A: We do not see a need to limit MM to a +/- 1 tier spread at the moment.

Q (Mikhail__): What do you think about paid ammunition? It can help with sniping Battleships.

A: It’s something we were looking into and are still thinking about. However at the moment such a feature would bring nothing in regards to gameplay, except for just being OP. We are not favourable of P2W mechanics and avoid them at all costs.

Q (TREACK): When will the Russian line battleships? In fool you gave the submarine and whether it is a harbinger of portions of the line from the boat underwater?

A: We cannot commit to a date on the RU BBs at the moment, but it’s naturally one of the lines we’re looking into in the further away future.

Q (frame24): My question is totally this topic. A 4K capable monitors (and especially, TVs!), and VGAs able to run them at native resolutions are starting to be a common-ish feature, even for not-so-serious gamers. When will WoWS development want to address this? Is it really technically difficult to implement proper WQHD/4k scaling into the game engine?

A: We are still finding very few people using 4K screens. While the hardware is becoming more and more popular, it does take precious resources to rescale all the game elements. It’s something that is getting bigger and bigger on our priority list though. The more popular the new technology becomes, the more relevant it is for us. Personally, I think it’s relevant to bring 4K to World of Warships, but cannot commit to any date at this point in time.

Q (ThePhantomSailor): Can all regions have the same Premium Store? Region bound items, different release timers and lack of ships is an issue for everyone. EU recently got more flag bundles which is great, but took a long time for a better selection.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot have the same premium store. We are currently putting a lot of work in unifying main beats, but keeping regional flavour separate.

Q (Fourbombs): Is WG still looking into the possibility of introducing submariners in the game? Any insides to give?

A: One day; if we find out how to do it in a fashion that won’t be either devastating to the gameplay, or boring, like watching the grass grow.

Q (Sadzior): Why theres no “collectors” status for players on EU while RU players can enjoy its benefits?

A: It’s one of the things that we did look at in Europe when the RU team introduced it in their region. However, it is a practice that does require a significant amount of regular manual work due to how our back-end systems work. We are not willing to commit such resources to a feature like this, while there are more important issues at hand.

Q (MadSlob): Do you have any plans to further increase the player base of World of Warships? The player base compared to World of Tanks is low at around 32k max and this isnt normally a problem at all BUT if clanwars are to become a reality I feel that the player base will have to increase..One player above mentioned the introduction of premium ammo…I must say that if this happens…no matter how much I enjoy this game…I will be gone…premium ammo and the introduction of mods destroyed WOT for me…..You have done a great job on wows…Please keep up the good work..

A: The player base of World of Warships has been steadily growing over the past months. The natural life-cycle of a massively multiplayer online game includes a spike due to hype straight out of release, to then losing players for a while, as the less engaged ones drop off. This does not mean that a game is not healthy—it’s an absolutely normal trend. World of Warships is past that maturing stage and at the moment we’re at a very good trend, gaining users every month as we improve the experience for everyone. We’re looking forward towards a great future of the game!

Q (AndyHill): When can we buy consumables bulk through the inventory system?

A: Hopefully very soon. It’s something we’ve been working on recently.

Q (Milos__Varak): When you stop favoring the RU server and treat the EU server like a cow, which has only a cash cow?

A: We do not favour the RU server. We treat all servers equally.

 Q (atrazione): Do you plan to expand the number of person in a division?

A: No. The current number is good for game balance and any expansion of this will be a huge risk for game balance. On top of that, we are planning to introduce clan activities for larger groups of players.

Q (NimitcCZ): Will someone add national battles? USA vs. JAP ships etc. ? Will there ever be a branch of battlecruisers? Thanks for the reply

A: Not in the near future, but it’s something that could maybe become possible with the use of scenarios. However, we cannot commit to anything at the moment.

Q (Radeckij): When we can expect polish Destroyer line (There are 2 different proposals of this line in Polish section of forum)? Are you planning to introduce swedish coastal battleships (as full cruiser line)? Regards

A: Not any time soon. However, it is a topic of discussion now and then. There are sadly many more navies that deserve a lot of attention from our side earlier.

Q (Spunky_Chicken): Hi, I’ve really enjoyed the Operations modes and have a couple of comments/questions on the future: – When can they be made more difficult and how will that be done? For example, will the AI skill be improved or will it be made harder by needing to fight more ships or higher tier ones? – The Dunkirk operation was fun and I could imagine how much fun it would be if we could reverse the objective and be able to control the torpedo boats (with re-spawns) with the objective the destroy the convoy. One step further would be if we could play with our friends on both side, i.e. half in the convoy and half in the torpedo boats :). Any thoughts on this? Cheers

A: We’re happy you enjoyed it. We are looking into many ways to improve PvE. Stay tuned for the next season coming soon!

Q (Delysidus): Are u going to change totally random detonation system to someting logical? the same to fire system. like after 10X shells with 10% chance fire there will do fire on deck. and something to torps too.

A: The system is not random.

Q (Delysidus): Are u going to do single player?

A: World of Warships is not a single player game. However, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of some single player or more co-op scenarios in the future.

Q (Rolesz81): Regular players can not test new ships on Public Test before the release. These toys are only for supertesters and developers. WHY?

A: That’s a topic we often discuss internally. While we would like to provide such ships to everyone on PT, often they are either not ready for such public consumption at that stage, and would just enrage everyone who doesn’t understand what “test” means, or they are really not the focus of the PT. A PT is usually aimed at providing the game development team with feedback about specific issues, and providing ships would most of the time provide a result of concentrating your (as our players) feedback around the new ships (as the main, permanent content of a PT).

Q (Skiie): Are we ever able to test out premiums somewhere sometimes before we buy them. So many good looking ships, but I don’t wanna waste my money If I don’t like it that much. If I find a ship fun to play I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them.

A: It’s a feature I’m still dreaming about. We’ve been working on this with draft ideas for a while now, but cannot commit on any delivery of a feature like this any time soon. It’s heart-warming to hear you want it though 😉