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Update—British Battleship Nelson

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Patch Notes

  • The Tier VII British battleship Nelson has been added to the tech tree and is available for purchase for free XP in the game client! Nelson will be available for 375k free XP and will be permanently available
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect number of ‘news read’ in the game client to be displayed in the news counter
  • Dunkirk port returned to the game as per the request of the players

Recommended battle tactics:

Main combat roles and tactics:

  • Dealing damage to cruisers due to the decreased detonation time of its armour-piercing shells.
  • Causing damage to destroyers with its high damage and improved penetration (1/4 compared with 1/6 of the shell’s calibre) of its high-explosive shells.
  • It is recommended to keep an average distance of 10–12 km, as its initial shell velocity is too low for long-range fire, and the side and aft armour is too weak for close combat.
  • It’s primary targets should be cruisers and destroyers while enemy battleships should be seen as a danger.

Key risks:

  1. Exposing your hull side or aft end under enemy fire
  2. Close combat against a stoutly-armoured opponent

Advantages compared to ships of the same tier:

  • Its hull is short and harder to set on fire, and it has a small turning-circle radius

Disadvantages compared to ships of the same tier:

  • It has weak armour, low speed, and a small HP pool
  • Its turrets located on the forward end

Recommended modules to research first:

  • Hull, Gun Fire Control System, and Engine