World of Warships

World of Warships – Belfast Mission on Russian Server

Hello everyone,

Something was just pointed out to me by one of the readers. The Russian Server has one special mission for the HMS Belfast, that no other server has.


It started on the 1 November and ends at 1 December and anyone who bought the Belfast and wins 10 battles will be awarded 230,000 experience points on the Commander. That’s 12 skill points in one go for such a simple mission.

My question is: Why don’t the other servers have this mission?

As per usual it seems difficult for Wargaming to have a unified mission/packages across all servers… Some get everything, some just bits of it, others get nothing.

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  1. no need to provide the EU server with new and interesting stuff as long as they keep throwing money at WG for every crappy tier 8 premium clone and €100 Pz II J packages.

    so sad to see WG suck harder and harder. I wish they’d put their franchise into more capable hands.

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