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World of Warships – Interesting Ships on Russian Player Sig

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Hello everyone,

Thanks as per usual to Babykim for sharing this. He found a Russian player with a very interesting signature containing some ships that some of you might never heard off.



This is a forum signature of an alpha tester from a Russian forum. Several things are of note:

I’ve started digging some information about these ships and I’ve found something about them. I’ll publish as soon as I get a bit more of time.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Interesting Ships on Russian Player Sig

  1. Well if you run aslains mod pack and use the tech tree mod you can actually already look at a good deal of these in game as their models already do exist in the files.
    Both of the american high tier cruisers in this list will be interesting as they both use 6 in guns as their main armament and will just be tier 10 atlantas. The USS Black has the cool honor of being DD-666 which they just missed the cool opportunity to release at Halloween.
    Those dragon boats are nothing more than myokos with ridiculous *** paint jobs of dragons on them. Tone is a heavy cruiser but im surprised the lead ship is going to be a premium when they could put the sister ship Chikuma as the premium and the lead ship Tone in the tree but whatever.

  2. USS Worcester, named after the second largest city in M***achusetts, US which in turn was named after a city in England in the mid 1600’s. They kinda deserve proper spelling:)

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