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Supertest: Pan-Asian Tier VIII Destroyer Siliwangi

The Skoryy-class were the first class of destroyers built after the Second World War by the Soviet Navy. In total, 70 ships were built between 1949 and 1953 with some ships being transferred to other nations such as Poland, Egypt or Indonesia.

The Project 30bis (Soviet designation of the class) were derived from the Ognevoi-class or Project 30. Compared to the Ognevoi, the ships were larger with better sea-keeping performances and also presented a better endurance.

The 70 ships were split into 4 groups. The 16 ships of the Baltic Fleet with all of their names starting with S, the 18 ships from the Black Sea Fleet with their names starting with B, The 18 ships of the Northern Fleet with their names starting with O and finally the 18 ships of the Pacific fleet with their names starting with a V.

The Volevoy (Volitional) was transferred to the Indonesian Navy and was renamed KRI Siliwangi in 1964.

In World of Warships, the Siliwangi is a bit of a mix between the Lo Yang with her Hydroacoustic Search, the Ognevoi with the hull and the Pan-Asian Destroyer with the Deepwater torpedoes and Smoke Generator.


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


Propulsion: 62 100 hp

GFCS VIII mod. 1

130 mm/50 B-2LM

533 mm 53-56

GeneralMain BatteryTorpedo TubesAir DefenseConsumables
Health 17 200 HP
Displacement 3 060 tons
Main Armament
Maximum Firing Range 12.510 km
130 mm/50 B-2LM 2 x 2 130 mm
Torpedo Armament
Maximum Firing Range 10.000 km
533 mm Quintuple PTA-53-68-bis 2 x 5 533 mm
Maximum speed 36.5 kt
Turning Circle Radius 660 m
Rudder Shift Time 4.0 s
Surface Detectability 7.56 km
Air Detectability 3.41 km
Detectability After Firing Main Gus in Smoke 2.88 km

2 x 2 130 mm/50 B-2LM
 Reloading Time 5 s
180 Degree Turn Time 18.6 s
Optimal firing angles at the front 30°
Optimal firing angles at the rear 30°
Sigma 2.00 sigma
Maximum Dispersion 109 m
Type of Projectile  HE – 130 mm HE-46
Alpha Damage 1 900 HP
Damage 570 HP
Penetration capacity  21 mm
Explosion size 0.45
Fire chance 8 %
Projectile Speed 870 m/s
Air Drag 0.286
Projectile Mass 33.4
Type of Projectile AP – 130 mm SAP-46
Alpha Damage 2 500 HP
Chance to Cause Fire -0.5 %
Projectile Speed 870 m/s
Air Drag 0.286
Projectile Mass 33.5
Projectile Krupp 1 700
Projectile Detonator 0.01 s
Detonator threshold 22 mm

2 x 4 533 mm Quintuple PTA-53-68-bis
533 mm 53-56
Deepwater torpedoes only able to hit cruisers, battleships and aircraft-carriers
Reloading Time 131 s
Maximum Distance 10.0 km
Optimal firing angles at the front 60°
Optimal firing angles at the rear 61°
Damage 17 933
Speed 61 kt
Surface Detectability 0.8 km

1 x 2 85 mm/52 92-K
4 x 2 37 mm 61 shì
Sector range 0.1 km – 3.5 km
Hit chance 100 %
Sector’s damage 30
Sector’s damage frequency 0.29 s
Sector’s damage per second 106
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3
Damage Control Party I
Work time: 5 s
Cooldown: 60 s
Smoke Generator I
Number of charges:4
Work time: 30 s
Cooldown: 150 s
Smoke radius: 450 m
Smoke duration: 70 s
Hydroacoustic Search I
Number of charges: 2
Work time: 110 s
Cooldown: 180 s
Torpedo detection range: 3.8 km
Ship detection range: 5.5 km
Damage Control Party II
Work time: 5 s
Cooldown: 40 s
Smoke Generator II
Number of charges: 5
Work time: 30 s
Cooldown: 100 s
Smoke radius: 450 m
Smoke duration: 70 s
Hydroacoustic Search II
Number of charges: 3
Work time: 180 s
Cooldown: 120 s
Torpedo detection range: 3.8 km
Ship detection range: 5.5 km

The armor


The Siliwangi’s armor is the standard protection of tier VIII destroyers. The hull is 19 mm thick and the superstructure is 13 mm thick.

As for the turrets, they are protected by 8 mm of armor.

Personal opinion

For now… I’m not impressed. The first problem, these are stock Ognevoi guns so no improved ballistic. Second, it’s an Ognevoi hull and even after all the buffs, I remember how much of a pain the tier VIII Ognevoi was to grind due to the poor firepower and the slow torpedoes.

Now… it does have the Lo Yang Hydroacoustic Search and the Pan-Asian torpedoes and Smoke Generator buuut… I am not sure if it will be able to compensate for the downsides of the ship itself.

I will just give credits to the camouflage that is quite cool looking.

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      In the end, the come back of the 3D models was sadly short but we are trying to find a solution.

  1. The mishandling of Soviet (and ex-Soviet) DDs continues. This should be a Tier VII. Ognevoi should’ve stayed at VI in the Soviet line split, followed by Smelyy at VII, Udaloi nerfed into VIII and Spokoinyy at IX.

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