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British Battleship Branch Overview

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British Battleship Characteristics

British battleships have two distinctive features that make them ideal for medium-range battles: improved Repair Party consumable and increased penetration rate of HE shells. Let’s take a closer look at them and other British battleship advantages:

  • Repair Party restores more HP after receiving damage and suffering from fire and flooding than on other battleships. Only the Premium British battleship Warspite has an equally effective Repair Party.
  • HE shells have increased penetration rates. This provides an advantage when approaching an enemy battleship, and at long distance while restoring HP.
  • Good armour on Tier III–VI ships. Mighty British dreadnoughts and superdreadnoughts can pave the way for their alies due to their armour, especially the bow armour belt.
  • Concealment on Tier VII–X ships. Low-tier vigour is set aside in favour of high-Tier cunning and stealthy playstyles. Proper concealment compensates for weak armour spots and allows for many tactical manoeuvres in a battle.

These gameplay peculiarities make low-Tier and high-Tier tactics and playstyles on the British battleships different.

Game tactics for the low-Tier ships are simple: you need to receive damage and force your way through. The decent HE shells, improved Repair Party, and bow armour belt will make this tactic most effective. But you shouldn’t relax and expose your hull sides under fire. Like most battleships of the same Tier, only Tier V and higher ships have decent AA guns.

On higher Tiers, the strictly offensive tempo is replaced with a combined one, which is more uneven, but more interesting and sprightly. The outstanding Repair Party and increased HE penetration rates are supplemented with concealment that is unusual for battleships. High-Tier battleships can approach an enemy unnoticed, fire the first salvo, take enemy fire, and then take a break to restore most of their HP using the improved Repair Party. If you don’t want to waste your time while Repair Party is activated, you can shoot at enemies with HE shells from long range, but you will have to get used to the ballistics.

While you wait for their arrival, try out the all new Support for RN BB Combat Mission series and earn unique items, including the mysterious “Blueprint” Commemorative Flags!

The following British Battleships are coming to World of Warships:

  • Tier III – Bellerophon
  • Tier IV – Orion
  • Tier V – Iron Duke
  • Tier VI – Queen Elizabeth
  • Tier VII – King George V
  • Tier VIII – Monarch
  • Tier IX – Lion
  • Tier X – Conqueror