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WOT Blitz – No Commander Cupola on M48A1 Patton

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Khornkhob for sharing this on Reddit. Seems that WOT Blitz as decided to take out the M48A1 Patton commander cupola.

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To be honest, all American tanks with those major weak points could have them removed like this for better gameplay, don’t you agree? This would make the armour of the vehicle stand out… At the moment it’s just aim at that bit weak point and pen every single shot you throw at it…

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15,466 thoughts on “WOT Blitz – No Commander Cupola on M48A1 Patton

  1. While it might make the gameplay alot better the problem then comes from the naming of the tank. As the M48A1 has that cupola on board and its not until the m48a5 version do we see the utilization of the urban cupola on american pattons (note that Israeli pattons had the small cupola in the 1970s) which would mean that the tank itself with a smaller cupola would be an upgrade from the 1980s which doesn’t fall into the realm what WG likes to put in their tanks. If it was just a m48 patton they could get away with it as the initial production turret didn’t have the cupola that the A1 has. Hell who knows maybe they can make it so we have an upgraded turret on the patton to the a5 version.

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