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World of Warships – Clans Beta Test – Asia Server

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Hello everyone,

Quick update so readers from Asia region don’t miss this out, Wargaming is currently testing Clans on the Asia Server. If you would like to participate, you have to register on the official forum post. Here’s more details:

Submissions closed: end of Sunday, OCT 30

Pre-registration rules:

  • Clans with at least 10 active members will keep it after the functionality is open to the public. All other clans will be wiped.
    • active members are defined as players with at least 30 battles played in the testing period and who are not twink/bot accounts
    • whether active clans will be wiped and recreated or not wiped at all will be defined later, based on technical needs
  • Only 1 clan per user. Max. 30 members per clan.
  • Pre-registration is free. However, clan creation will be a premium feature once it is released to the public
  • Names in accordance with the game rules
  • Feedback will be collected from commanders at a later date

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