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World of Tanks Well-Deserved Reward Returns!

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It’s almost that time of the year, where we receive the Well-Deserved Reward for our “loyalty” to the game. Last year, Wargaming rewarded players with credits, bonds, and even the T-50-2 light tank, as a reward vehicle for older players. This year, it seems we will get more presents and this time it will include the Tier VII tank destroyer, Super Hellcat, with a unique style. It clearly was recreated to be the old Hellcat, in an attempt to call nostalgia to players who still remember it.

The Well-Deserved Reward will be available from on November 28, across all regions. More details on the rewards on the same day.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Well-Deserved Reward Returns!

  1. cheap way to launch a “we give old players a reason to return to the game” campaign, just in time for the x-max boxes.

    The way they promote it is a slap in the face for new players who really support the game

  2. I wont play anything lower than a tier 6 because I have no use for them the same stuff over and over again year after year gets kinda old been playing the game on console for a little over 2years

  3. So what? they who have played the game since launch and are still playing should not get any reward?

  4. It’s free quit complaining. I have been playing since the beginning. if they want to give me something I will take it and say thank you.

  5. “new players who really support the game”
    LOL i’ve been playing WoT for over 8 years and have spent over $8k last time i checked.
    Doubt there are any “new players” that have given that level of support.

  6. yes, you are right, I mean people like you and Matt D!

    of course not m8, I think people like you and Matt D should definitely get a reward. But this whole wg campaign is not about your type of players.

    It’s for people who played the game at launch and stopped, some may have returned over the years and stopped again. Everyone gets the mail from wg telling them about the shiny new tank and all the other rewards, that’s how they want to lure old players back into the game and give them a reason to install the game again (which is a good idea to do).

    Just how they do it annoys me, making it look like christmas presents for the community, well for a specific part of the community, not everyone gets them, and that seems wrong with all the “presents” and “christmas” atmosphere they create around it.

  7. I haven’t been a fan of Wargaming’s moves towards this game in the past 2 years… and as a super competitive remaining player on the NA server I feel it. But I feel Wargaming has been making slight improvements to better their game, yes, a little too late, but improvement is improvement…

    What I cannot stand…

    IS the amount of negativity all you ungrateful people have… IS Wargaming good? No… is Wargaming maybe screwing us over for x-mas boxes? maybe…


  8. this is so true. I see so many people in the forum screwing the tank is **** blablabla but they forget its FOR FREE and I prefer receive a tier VII free tank which can be really usefull as crew trainer instead of a useless tier III like all other years.
    I hope people would think about this ! nice to see that you react about it !

  9. I agree. Maybe i am not pissed off by tier 3 tanks because even these were fun (most of them) but i agree with arguing about stats of tank is wrong. Yes it will make game for even tech tree tanks for few days easier because everyone will be paying it and because it is not broken tank. People will have fun so why they arguing is completely insanity. And still people who will play S. Hellcat will not really strugle to compete with other 7 tiers. Because 7 tier is not really that broken as tier 8.

  10. Thank you WG, Still playing WOt for 8yrs,.
    Hellcat lover Here

  11. The anniversary crates are wonderful! Loads of fancy crew books. The T-50-2 that just appeared in my garage (EU) is nice as well.

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