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Update 1.7: Anonymizer is here!

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Ever wanted to play World of Tanks with some privacy where no one can see who you are? The Anonymizer can help with these issues by addressing sources of negativity and allowing you to enjoy the game in peace.

How it Works

The Anonymizer works only during battles. You select the relevant option in the game settings and activate it.

This feature will work when playing in all Random Battles types (Standard, Assault, Encounter, and Grand Battles), as well as in Frontline, Ranked Battles, PvE, and PvP modes. The Anonymizer will be disabled for:

  • Team Training
  • Stronghold Battles (Skirmish, Advance)
  • Global Map
  • Bootcamp
  • Tournament Battles

The game generates a random username each battle. It’s not a random set of characters, but a plausible nickname that more or less makes sense, so that other players won’t even notice you have the Anonymizer turned on. They will realize you were using it only after the battle when they want to see your statistics.

You will still see your real nickname (and your platoon mates as well), while the random username suggested by the Anonymizer will be displayed to your teammates and adversaries. Take a look.

Playing in Platoons

The Anonymizer can work both with static and dynamic platoons. However, we strongly recommend you be careful when choosing your platoon-mates, because your hidden information may be disclosed in battle if they (or you) are using third-party software.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.7: Anonymizer is here!

  1. yet more bull**** from WG, try fixing the huge in balance in this game first , EBRS in the high tiers have ruined game play totally, try resolving that as well as cutting arty down to 2 then 1 then we might have a game where nobody gets triggered

  2. I never miss them anymore. Learn to lead your shot instead of crying. They’re balanced.

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