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World of Tanks Update 1.8 Release Date & CT Iteration 4

World of Tanks Update 1.8 is coming out soon, and Wargaming has a single extra iteration planned for testing. However, the release date of the update on main servers is also announced.

  • Update 1.8  Common Test – 4th Iteration will arrive on  February 27th.
  • Update 1.8 will arrive March 4th on CIS and March 5th on other regions.
  • Update 1.8 will arrive March 3th on NA and March 4th on other regions.

What you should do in advance: unique 3D styles for Italian Tier VIII premium Progetto M35 Mod. 46 and French Tier X AMX 50B are available in the in-game store until patch 1.8 hits the live servers. You have time until March 6th, commanders!
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