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World of Tanks: Update 1.15 Release Date

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World of Tanks Update 1.15 is almost here and with it Holiday Ops 2022! While the event is the main feature of the update, it will only start one day after the update is live in all regions.

You can expect Update 1.15 to arrive in ASIA and NA regions on December 6/7 and for the RU and EU, it should arrive on December 8. This means Holiday Ops 2022 should start on December 9 and last for a whole month.

Holiday Ops 2022 will bring back the infamous Large Boxes filled with goodies for those willing to spend their hard-earned cash on them. While I am against these boxes to be in the game, there is nothing none of us can do about it, so if you want to spend money on the game, Holiday Ops is without a doubt the best time to do it. But remember, while you do get more than you pay for, in reality, it’s just pixels in a monitor and it’s always a gamble, so while someone you know might get loads of nice things, you might end up with just some mediocre loot.

Large Boxes will have the usual loot of at least four Tier VIII Premium Tanks and several others of lower Tier, each box will give 250 Gold, and random bonuses. We will share more details about them very soon! Are you going to buy any Large Boxes this year? Let us know in the comment section!

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Update 1.15 Release Date

  1. I always buy loot boxes and spend my money in WOT when something interesting comes along. It’s how they keep the servers running and the programmers feeding their families. They don’t work for free. I welcome free-to-play players because, like all marketing campaigns for any product, if 5% of all free-to-play dabblers decide to pay for premium and other things (like I did), then the game will keep running. Otherwise it is dead.

  2. Any rumors on what tanks might be in the Large Boxes for this year’s Holiday Ops?

  3. What about Tier 9 premiums, Harkonnen ? Obj 590, Cobra, or the chinese ones….. ?
    I highly doubt there will be only tier 8 premiums

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