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World of Tanks: Board Game is Coming Soon

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Looking for that Christmas present for your friend who is a fan of World of Tanks? Look no further, World of Tanks is coming out as a board game! The game is expected to be released soon across several regions and it is going to be produced by TM Toys.

The board game and all its elements have been designed and produced to reflect the PC version of World of Tanks and even its battles will be based on three common elements: locations, tanks and tactical battle!

The game offers four gameplay options:

  • Basic (battle) – uncovered memory type – on their way to victory, players conquer locations and fight tank battles between each other;
  • Team – for pairs (this option can be played by two or four players);
  • Family – covered memory type – players move through the board with their tanks, looking for location pairs;
  • Solo – a race between the game and the player to conquer more locations.

These gameplay options will try to keep interested in the game, offering different things to do so you won’t get bored after a while. If you decide to buy the game, you will also get two codes:

  • New Payers Invite Code
    • T2 light tank (USA)
    • garage slot
    • 7 Days of WoT premium account
    • 500 gold
  • All Players Code
    • 2x +50% Experience for 2 hours
    • 2x +50% Credits for 2 hours
    • 2x +200% Crew experience for 2 hours