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World of Tanks: The ISU-152K arrives in the EU!

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Bow down to the new lord of destruction, the master of mayhem, the one tank destroyer to rule them all. The  ISU-152K is the latest Premium addition to the branch of Soviet tank destroyers and has only one thing in mind: dealing as much damage as possible.

How is it going to do that? With a proper gun of course! The eponymous 152 mm BL-10A boomstick can cause 750 alpha damage and you don’t have to be picky when choosing a target thanks to its incredible penetration values. But of course, such a beast that also racks up a nice DPM comes with a catch (or rather a lack of it) as you will have difficulty catching enemies from distance due to a less than mediocre dispersion.

3 thoughts on “World of Tanks: The ISU-152K arrives in the EU!

  1. Don’t waste your money. Take the ISU-152 From the tech tree. The BL10 is not that great and marginally better than the tech version. Reload with a great crew and equipment takes eons.

    There is simply no flexibility with this weapon.

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