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World of Tanks: All Tier VI-VIII Premium Vehicles Prices Down 10%

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World of Tanks is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and to mark this milestone in the game, Wargaming has decided to give a nice sweet deal on Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles.

In recognition of the game’s 10th Anniversary, on August 12, prices on all Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles will be permanently reduced by 10%. Wargaming will also apply the same price reduction on all new Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles they aim to release in the future.

You can purchase discounted vehicles both in the game and in the Premium Shop, but remember prices in the Premium Shop might vary slightly due to differences in exchange rates in different countries.

The price reduction is based on vehicle’s cost in Gold, numbers will be round down so that prices are always in favour of the players. As a result of this rounding, the final discount value may vary from 10% to 13%. For example, theĀ Pudel old price in Gold was 3,650 and will now be available for only 3,200 Gold, meaning the final discount for this tank will be 12.3%.

To check the complete list of discounted vehicles, visit the official World of Tanks page.

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