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World of Tanks Supertest: T-44 Changes

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The old Soviet T-44 medium tank received some changes on Supertest today, but I’m unsure why Wargaming decided to make them. This tank performs quite well for its Tier now and these changes, in my opinion, aren’t necessarily needed.


  • Engine Power changed from 680 to 820 hp.
  • Reverse speed changed from 20 to 23 km/h.
  • LB-1 gun reload time changed from 7,5 to 7,0s.
  • Bloom while turning changed from 0,18 to 0,14.

There is reference to further gun stabilization buffs but no information was released about it.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: T-44 Changes

  1. Meanwhile, T-54 mod1 cries rivers of tears with its excellent mobility. But well, why those sudden changes? Hello WG, are you on drugs?

  2. Even though I don’t agree with ANY of these changes, I ask myself why they forgot the 122mm? If they make the
    LB-1 so insanely good, why don’t they do the same with the 122mm? But hey, Russian tanks can never be too good

  3. Sounds great! Might need to change my plans for the holiday grind. I was going to be working the Chinese lights but might be worthwhile unlocking the t44.

  4. What? You genuinely think that T-44 and all the other tier 8 mediums are fine and do not need buffs? Tier 8 mediums might be the saddest cl*** in whole of WoT and they would need all DPM buffs of around 200-500 and penetration for standard rounds at 220-245. Preferably alpha damage increases also, since 240 alpha guns are useless at tier 8.

  5. Tier 8 meds are indeed terrible but T-44 is decent after recent buffs. There are tanks that need buffs a lot more then T-44. For example T-34-2. That tank would be alright at best if put at tier 7.

  6. Now after the second buff, the DPM is 2200+. Now do the right thing and buff other tier 8 mediums similar way.

    I have been playing now Pershing on my sons account and it’s just sad. You don’t really have armor but you have to expose yourself since gun handling doesn’t allow you to snapshot. Alpha is 240 and fully pimped reload is still 6,5 secs. Meaning you will have to work your *** off to score even 2000dmg and it will take 25 seconds for you to even kill one tier 7 medium tank, if you hit and pen every shot.

  7. yum yum… american idiots patriotism.. belarus is not russia or soviet union now

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